Monday, November 10, 2008

P90X Day 65: Plyometrics

The image on the left is of the "Airborne Heisman's". This is one of the moves executed during "The Beast" Plyometrics. One thing is for sure and that is no matter how many times I do Plyo it will never become easy. Every time, I sweat and pant during this workout. And when I am done with the cool down stretching I am exhausted. My hamstrings and thighs just ache right now. Just like the first time I did Plyo. Now the cool thing about Plyo is that most of the exercises offer advanced moves to keep it interesting. You can put your arms in the air during the Mary Katherine's or you can do 360 spins instead of 180's on a few of the moves. On the squats you can add in jumps and during the jumps you can add extra height. Basically, plyo is as challenging as you decide to make it. It really gives you the chance to Bring the heck out of it! And that is why I love this one so much!

Anyways, I messed up my eating schedule a little today. I had an english muffin with peanut butter and a glass of skim milk for breakfast which was good but then I was stuck in an office from 9am to 1pm and missed both my morning snack and lunch. And since I was stuck there for 3 hrs longer than I though I didn't even pack a lunch. So, I just had a snack bar at 1pm and then a cheese stick and another snack bar at 4:30. I worked out around 5 and had NanoVapor before and followed with the Anabolic Halo for my recovery drink. Then dinner was lean beef marinated in sesame ginger sauce on whole wheat tortilla shells and a bowl of broccoli. I had an extra tortilla to make up for the carbs/calories I lost by missing lunch. Overall, it was not a horrible mess-up but it is crazy how hungry I felt around 11:30am. My body has become conditioned to be feed at certain times and when that doesn't happen my body is not happy!!!

On a side note I want to talk about something that has not really been mentioned in my almost 11 weeks of doing this blog: Legs! What I mean is the effect that P90X is having on my legs. I have always had pretty decent sized calfs and thighs and when I started this program I can honestly say that toning or strengthening my legs was not one of my goals. However, that being said, my legs have really gone through a transformation. I have muscles showing up in places on my legs that I didn't even know had muscles (if that makes sense?). Between all the lunges and squats my legs have really increased in size and strength and I am a little upset I did not take "before" pics of my legs. So, if you are reading this and one of your goals is to tone and strengthen your legs and you are wondering if P90X can do this for you my answer is a definite YES! Let me know if you guys feel the same in the comments.

Tomorrow is Chest & Back --ABX.

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  1. Dude- my legs are ripped now. And they were big before P90X. But now they are shredded. I have little peaks on my calves like some guys get on their biceps!

  2. My calves were never a good point(dinky like tony's) but my qauds are starting to look pretty good. Getting some striation in them and the top two muscles(different parts of qaud) near my knee stand out significantly. I am finally starting to lose some of the fat below my belly button so make way fat....6 pack here I come!!!