Friday, November 7, 2008

P90X Day 62: Kenpo X

Howdy Y'all. Happy Friday! I started off today with 3 whole wheat waffles for breakfast with skim milk and a banana. I then had a South Beach Diet bar around 10:30. I meet up with Ryan for lunch at a Chili's. i had the "Guiltless" grilled chicken breast with corn, rice, and broccoli. According to the menu it was 580 calories -- seemed like much less because I was still hungry when I left. My midday snack was celery sticks with peanut butter (2 teaspoons). Dinner was baked chicken with some apples and a plain baked potato. Overall, a very good nutrition day

I did the Kenpo workout around 6pm today. I was out of the SuperPump 250 so I bought some new pre-workout drink. It is called Nano Vapor. I decided to ditch the SuperPump because it has been ripping up my stomach for the last couple of weeks -- too high of a fiber content if you know what I mean!!! Anyways, the Nano Vapor did the job because 15 minutes after I took it I was ready to jump out of my socks. As for the actual Kenpo workout, it was rather easy today. I tried to bring it extra hard but overall the Kenpo just was so-so today! I think it is a combination of me knowing the workout now and also that my fitness level is much better than it was before I started. When I was done I jogged in place for about 5 minutes and then did a bunch of jacks to get a better cardio workout in.

Tomorrow is Stretch X/Rest Day. I will probably do the Stretch X because I will have time tomorrow -- for once, not much planned!

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