Tuesday, November 11, 2008

P90X Day 66: Back & Triceps + Ab ripper X

I had a very busy day. Started out with a 8am appointment about 45 minutes from my house. So, I got up around 5:30 this morning and made myself a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a glass of skim milk! I packed a SBD bar and had it in the car between appointments. I then had a sliced chicken sandwich on wheat with mozzarella and fat free ranch dressing as the condiment. I had to come home then for a conference call and during that I had celery sticks with peanut butter and 3 pieces of turkey jerky. I had a meeting at 6:30 tonight so I did the Back and Triceps workout in between the call and meeting. After the meeting I carbed up and had whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce for Dinner -- very good!

My workout today was very intense. I was feeling good all day and had a ton of energy. I still took the nano vapor for an extra boost and had a great workout. I used the black (50lb) resistance bands on most of the curls and it is very hard. The black band really rips me up! I worked especially hard on the pull-up bar and even was able to do 10 reps on the corn cobbs (these suck). Ab ripper X went well also. I made it through relatively easy. I have been struggling lately on the oblique raises but they went smooth today! I didn't add any extras in because I was a little short on time. Overall pretty good day!

I have another early morning tomorrow so I am going to try and go to sleep in a couple of minutes. Tomorrow's workout is Yoga X. Since this DVD sucks and is boring I will probably sub it out with Cardio X. Unless I feel like torturing myself then I will do Yoga X!

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  1. I definantly admit that yoga X is tough. I have been thinking about how many times it is used in the program(by far the most) So it most be one of the key reasons for such great results. I just suck it up and push through....however a change of pace is nice too. I think I may try to do the triple threat on Friday again(Cardio X, 3 mile run, Yoga X). I increased some numbers on CST yesterday. Got 13 plyo push ups alng w/ 13 one arm push ups! Still can't get the Ab ripper though......

  2. Matt- you guilted me to do Yoga!!! lol