Tuesday, November 25, 2008

P90X Day 80: Back & Biceps + Ab Ripper X

Hello, Y'all.....Good day today. Started out with a whey protein shake, banana, and wheat english muffin with peanut butter. Very good breakfast! I had a protein bar for my morning snack and a South Beach Diet bar for the afternoon snack. A chicken sandwich on wheat was my lunch and lean beef on low carb wheat shells for Dinner.

When I got home from work I relaxed a little and then did the Back & Biceps workout. I used the black band on pretty much every move and was really able to Bring it hard. I took some NanoVapor for that added boost and it seemed to really help. ABX went okay. I was a little winded from pushing so hard on the Back & Biceps that I didn't leave too much for the AB workout. I still made it through but I felt like my intensity was lacking a bit on ABX.

I added a new feature to the blog today -- if you look to the right on top is a day-by-day tracker of each post of the P90X workout. I figured this would make it easier to follow the P90X and my workouts. Last week I also added the "Followers of this Blog" link. So, if you are a reader click there and it will let you know every time I update this blog.

Tomorrow is Yoga X again and I plan on doing it in the late afternoon.

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  1. So I will not eat a white bun today....I brought some wheat bread. I plan to eat about 6 oz of meat which is more than my usual 4 oz turkey but not to bad. I also rocked C,S,T yesterday. I upped almost all of my stats except for plyo push ups and a few others. The best accomplishment was getting a total of 19 one armed push ups! Up a total of 6 from last week!!!(My intensity was high since it was my last C,S,T but I think I have to give the Black Powder a little credit as well.....)i felt particularly well on ab ripper yesterday. I seemed to get through lots of the moves easier than usual but I still failed on mason twists. I got up to 34 or 35....

  2. nice job on the one arm pushup ... i struggle with the form a little with them .... it is cool how the preworkout drinks really get you focused!