Monday, November 17, 2008

P90X Day 71: Chest & Back + ABX

Hey guys,

Sorry for not being able to post yesterday. I got home around 9pm and did the Chest and Back workout. Then I turned on my computer and my comcast ISP was down? Comcast is my mortal enemy -- I didn't have the energy to walk out to the car and get my aircard, let alone battle the piss poor comcast customer service so I went to bed.

Anyways, I had a long weekend at the casino! I was only down about $200 and had a really good time. My diet was off on Saturday. I actually had a few french fries! And I must admit they tasted glorious!!! Sunday was better. I had wheat french toast and then a protein bar and a grilled chicken salad for lunch and another bar for the snack. I missed dinner because I was in the car driving home so I had a protein shake when I got back just to get the calories and extra protein!

I was exhausted but was still able to do the chest and back workout. Not my best effort but I struggled through and actually increased most of my pullups and pushups --despite the fact I had zero energy! ABX killed me. I had to pause numerous times to catch my breath.

I am glad to be home!

Thanks for reading,


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