Thursday, November 13, 2008

P90X Day 67: Yoga

AAAAGGGHHHHH!! Yoga X ..... I did the whole thing. I didn't like it. It is 92 minutes I'll never get back but it is done!

And Today is Legs & Back + ABX!

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  1. back and bis.... I upped a few weights up until the 8th excercise. After that my reps w/ the same weight as before dropped by about 3 or 4 reps each for the remainder of the workout. I was so bummed. I was dissappointed today. I did get 35 mason twists today which is better than tuesdays 30 but i have got up to 39 in the past. I also had trouble with the v sit ups. My tail bone seemed to grind up against the floor and when a came down on my back and put weight on it it felt odd and hurt. I think I may be losing what little @$$ i had...... So i guess i have heard of people having off or bad days. i guess today was my first : ( I will just keep pressing play and do my best....

  2. Dont worry about it man ... we all have the "bad" days. You just got to struggle through and come at it even harder tomorrow. I am having the same problem with the V-rollups...hurt my tailbone. I folded my towel over and stuck it under my tailbone today. It really didn't help because I move around so much on the v-rollups!