Wednesday, November 5, 2008

P90X Day 60: Cardio X (Not Yoga)

Today marked the 2/3rds point of the P90X program! This feels like a big milestone and I cannot wait until day 90! My 60 day picture are on the post below this and on the side bar to the right!

Woke up this morning and had a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a glass of milk. I also had some water with a scoop of protein powder. My snack today was a SBD bar. Lunch was a Chicken sandwich in wheat with fat free ranch and low fat cheese. I had another SBD bar for a snack and grilled chicken with apples and celery on a whole wheat pita shell. I also took SuperPump and Anabolic Halo for my pre and post workout drinks.

I decided to substitute Yoga with the Cardio X DVD today. Basically, I just did not have the patience to go through the Yoga workout today and I felt like a good workout so Cardio X it was.

Overall I really enjoy this workout. It starts out with the Yoga Warrior poses and then does some plyo and core synergistic and Kenpo. It is only 42 minutes and their are zero breaks. Very fast paced and I get a good sweat going. I then put in the Yoga disc and fast forwarded to the Yoga Belly moves. I wanted to still get the ab workout in so I figured this would be a good idea.

That was pretty much my day. Tomorrow is the Leg & Back workout. This one always kicks my butt. I have an early morning again tomorrow so I will probably not be able to get this one in until the late evening!

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  1. My Blog Post from Yesterday:
    Just did Day 58 Plyo. I also did Cardio X at 4 this morning. I knew that today would be a test for right knee has been feeling especially tight and strained.....So I went ahead and did the majority of plyo. The excercises that bothered it were the circle run(I think b/c my body was pivoting and my leg was still on the ground leaving my knee twisting to try to catch up) The rock star hops on the knee tuck part and the knee tuck jump. The funny thing is the high knees football hero thing at the very end didn't really bother me. I think it was because i was concentrating more on bringing my qauds toward my chest then raising my knees up. So after a set of attempting the ones that i was incapable of I did jumping jacks and vertical leaps in their place. So I was still moving around the whole time. I guess things could be alot worse I could have messed up my knee where I was incapable of doing any of the jumping. I'm going to rotate hot/cold on it tonight just for good measure and leave those excercises alone until my 2nd round. Just wanted to keep you updated...

  2. Take care of that knee buddy! You have been doing great with your workouts but be sure to not hurt yourself. I know I have been having some trouble with my shoulder and saying I am not quitting but I am certain it is nothing more than a strain. A knee injury has to be taken serious! Don't do anthing that could hurt you permanantly. Good luck and keep me updated!