Tuesday, November 4, 2008

P90X Day 59: Shoulders & Arms -- Ab Ripper X

Election Day: This isn't a political blog so I will not express my personal opinions about the candidates but whoever you like get out and vote. Many have fought and died for your right to vote - do not waste the opportunity!

Today was Shoulder and Arms. Always a good workout. I used the black (50lb) extreme bands on most of the exercises except for a couple at the end.

My diet was very good today. I had a whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and a glass of water with a scoop of protein in it! My snack was the South Beach Diet Bar. I had a turkey sub on whole wheat from Subway for lunch (as recommended in the nutrition guide). My afternoon snack was a banana and another SBD bar. I then took some SuperPump and went right into my workout. After the workout I had two scoops of Anabolic Halo for my recovery drink and then had dinner. I had whole wheat pasta with 96% lean beef and marinara sauce! It was excellent.

I got back to work with Ab Ripper X tonight. I was able to get through the entire ABX without any pauses tonight. During the "Heels to the Heavens" I actually feel it coming up my throat. Always a good sign that you are working hard when you throw up in your own mouth!

Tomorrow is picture day and also Yoga. I will try and post them in the morning!

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  1. Good looks buddy! I did my week 9 chest and back yesterday. I thought I would let you know that from week 1 I did 179 pushups and yesterday I did 245.5 which is a 36% increase. I find this particularly motivating!

  2. That is a great increase, Matt. It is amazing at how much better we are at the exercises compared to week 1 ... almost laughable!