Thursday, November 6, 2008

P90X Day 61: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X

This picture shows exactly where is hurts right now! Legs & Back is a very intense workout. Lung, Squat, Pullup....Lung, Squat, Pullup ....over and over! My legs are always pretty sore after this one .. a good sore!

I was very please with how the workout went today! I was a little sluggish after I got home from work today. I drove close to 200 miles and it got to me. I got changed and took SuperPump 250 and it did the trick. After the warm up portion I feel ready to go. I actually did over 20 reps on the pullup bar 3 different times today!!! When I started P90X on day one I was only able to do 3 reps! I am thrilled with this improvement. I also used 5lb weights on all the squats and lunges today to add a bit more resistance. It doesn't sound like a lot but when you get to the calf raises on the 22nd exercise the 5lbs feels like 100lbs!!

Not much to report in the diet today. I was able to get about 2800 cals in and hit the correct portions. I packed a cooler in the car again to make eating easier. I am getting very used to doing this and I plan on continuing this when P90X is over -- actually saving some $$$ by packing a lunch so that is good too!

Also, ABX went great today. I raised my arms on the in & outs and both bicycles and it really made a difference in the burn. I got through Fifer Scissors today and after the Mason Twists I did 5 more Fifers! It really burned!

I got to go to the store tomorrow and get some more protein powder and pre-workout drink. I think I might switch to the NanoVapor instead of the SuperPump. The last couple of weeks the SuperPump has been tearing up my stomach??? Not sure why but I think I will change. Also, the Anabolic Halo seems to be working. I can tell my strength has increased some and my muscles seem to be harder. Maybe it is just mind over matter but I feel like it is helping!

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  1. Day 60 Pics...

  2. Matt,

    I still cannot view. I think you need to be logged off of the beachbodies forum for the link to work. It takes me to a login page ... what group did you post it under? I can just go look by searching for the group name.

  3. You can find it under :All I want for Christmas is six pack abs. The thread was started by HumanWeapon. It is on thread page 9.

    Or you can find it under single Xers thread started by Shloo.
    On thread pg 36

  4. Matt...I found them!! Man you are working your butt off! The abs look freaking great and your chest is getting very defined. Keep up the great work and thanks for the extra motivation.