Friday, November 28, 2008

P90X Day 83: Leg & Back + Ab Ripper X

The shoulder feels much better today - despite what that picture may show! Last night I alternated ice and heat and it seems to have done the job! Still a little tender but no longer limiting.

Breakfast this morning was a whey protein shake with a banana and a whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and it was excellent. Then Annie and I went and did some Black Friday shopping. I got a heart rate monitor (which I should have bought 90 days ago!!!) for $29.99 at Sports Authority - excellent deal. We then came home and I had a turkey sandwich on wheat with an apple. Then I went and played golf. I used to be an avid golfer but I haven't played in well over 18 months! I shot a 46 on the front 9 and was 2-over on the back when we quit because of darkness. The course was very busy today and it took FOREVER to play. The reason I bring this up is because two things I noticed. One, I was hitting the hell out of the ball! My strength and flexibility made my game play noticeably better to both myself and my buddy. Two, I did not get tired. In the past when I played golf I alway seemed to play well for about 6 or 7 holes and then limp on in to the clubhouse. Not today. And I attribute the distance and stamina to my overall conditioning with P90X. So this P90X works for Golfers, too!

I just finished up the Legs & Back workout for the last time! My buddy Mike mentioned in his blog that this is not one of his favorite workouts. For me it might be my favorite! I love the pullup bar and I love the way my shoulders and back feel after this workout. I am going to miss doing this one for the next couple of weeks! The good news is that it is incorporated into the "Rest Weeks" on the P90X + schedule. I was a little cautious on the bar today because of my tender shoulder but it didn't effect me too much. I didn't do as many reps as 2 weeks ago but I also didn't play five hours of golf before last week either! It probably helped my focus on my form more than anything which is a good thing!

I am finishing of the last of my Anabolic Halo as I type and Dinner is going to be Turkey and whole wheat shells -- I can tell that I need the carbs right now!

Tomorrow I will do Kenpo X and then Sunday start the beginning of the final week before I will be an official P90X graduate!

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  1. Awesome job Jeff! You're gunna love P90X + too! I have found it great for leaning out. It's more cardio intensive.

    Congrats on wrapping up your first round of P90X!


  2. Thanks Doug -- I'll have to check out your blog to see how the PLUS is going. Love the blog name!

  3. i'm glad to hear your shoulder seems to be doing a little better. Throughout p90x I have mainly felt twinges and stuff in my left shoulder and several different back muscles. Luckily they have all been superficial and I have been fine to workout with them. It is understandable how this happens with the intensity level we have been putting in. I would also like to ask you a question. About 2 weeks ago I started adopting a new pull-up technique. Instead of going straight up and down with the tension being heavy the whole time, I have started to pull up at the bottom explosively, which seems to allow me a little momentum and propels me to the bar. I was wondering what your thoughts were on this or if you had experienced anything similar. Oh yeah the only reason I ask is the explosive way seems to let me get 2-3 more reps on my pull ups.....-

  4. Matt ... that is exactly how I do my pullups, too. If you watch the DVD's closely it seems that is how tony and the kids do it also! I feel like by pulling up hard you are getting a real burn ... almost like bench pressing... bring down easy, explode up.