Thursday, August 6, 2009

Countdown to the X: 2 days + Interval X

I wanted to go to the gym today and do a light 3-4 mile run, but I ended up getting home late and I had to complete a contract for my Real Estate company. So the gym was no longer in my plans. Instead as I was scanning all the docs I jumped upstairs and did Interval X from P90X PLUS.

I wore my old HR monitor and it said I burned 480 calories. This is also the first time I did Interval X since I began all of my cardio training. Even though this is a probably the toughest workout in the entire P90X and PLUS series I handled it very well today. I used to be dying by the time I got half way through Interval X but today I was holding strong. My HR got up to 174 BPM at one point but I think all the running in the anaerobic zone has really prepared me for Interval X. Also since yesterday was an off day that probably helped too. And I am now 5 days into taking Cell Mass, Nitrix, and Creatine so those are probably giving me a boost.

Tomorrow I am going to do Yoga X and then on Saturday I will begin my 3rd Round of P90X. It will be a hybrid round because I will be substituting pushups and pullups for dumbbells on a flat bench and a lat pulldown machine, respectively. And Plyo and Kenpo are going to be replaced with running, swimming, and cycling. So actually I will be doing more than what is required by P90X!

I will have Annie take a few before pics of skinny Jeff and we can see how this hybrid version works!

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  1. It will be interesting to see how all the tri training has affected your conditioning to do P90X. I am looking forward to your workout reports.

  2. Interesting hybrid, but sounds just right for your training and all. I haven't done Interval X+ in a long time, heck not now with my using the new vids - Insanity, there's no need to even try Interval X+, maybe I'll try it after these 2 months are up and watch myself breeze through it better than ever! I think your subs should be fine, just keep the weight right :) WIll be watching ya ;)

  3. I remember doing Plyo X weeks into my HIIT training, just to see if my cardio had improved. I had plenty of gas left after the bonus round, and I was pumped! I think you'll find the same thing with all the training you've done. You might even find that your cycling has strengthened your legs. The only thing is flexibility - I know I've lost some of that since my 1st round ended.

  4. Boomer - I am interested too to see how it all works out ... got all the P90X videos loaded on my iPod!

    Jocelyn - Sounds like the Insanity is going well. I've read your posts and am jealous I am not trying it! I'd be too skinny if!

    Steve - you are right about the flexibility. I attribute that to not doing Yoga anymore. As much as Boomer and I complained about Yoga it really is a great workout. I am going to order Tony's Fountain of Youth. My sister says it is just as good as Yoga X but is only like 45 mins long!