Friday, August 14, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 7: Rest Day

We spent about 7 hours in the car today and then another 6 hours at our meetings and I am very glad this is the rest day. After this post I am going to pass out.
I posted pics of my supplements for two reasons. 1) They are working wonderfully! I feel stronger than ever and my recovery time is excellent. 2) I have gained 8 pounds!
I began taking the Cell Mass, Nitrix, and Creatine two weeks ago and my weight was 152 lbs. Today I am 160 lbs! The funny thing is that I weighed myself the morning I began P90X, one week ago, and I was 152 lbs! That means I have put on 8 lbs in One Week.
I'm pretty happy about the weight gain. I was looking rather skinny after all the Triathlon training and felt like I needed to balk back up. I just thought it might take a couple of months and not just one week!
Tomorrow is Chest & Back and a couple of test rides on Tri bikes.
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  1. Wow... 8 pounds! It isn't taking you long to get your P90X body back!

    I can't wait to read about your test rides.