Sunday, August 9, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 2: 45 Minutes Run (5 miles)

Today is my second day of the hybrid P90X round. I am doing all the weight lifting (Chest & Back, Shoulders & Arms, Back & Legs..etc) but will substitute Plyo, Kenpo, and Yoga with running, swimming, and biking. Lots of commas in that sentence!

I am planning on another Triathlon in October so I need to keep up on my cardio training in order to be ready. This is one of the best things about P90X. As a stand alone home workout program it is second to none. But it can be mixed and matched to fit in to other individual training goals.

Now that I will be only running once or twice a week I am going to increase my mileage during each individual run. In the past I have trained by doing 3.1 miles mainly in the higher anaerobic zone to increase that threshold. But since my running sessions are going to be decreased I need to increase the time and mileage of each day. So today I ran 5 miles for 45 minutes. That breaks down to be 9:00 minute miles. My HR stayed in my target zone (131-168) for most of the running today and I burned over 600 calories. I'd say that is a pretty good, if not better, equivalent to Plyo!

The good news is that I easily could have ran a few more miles. I downloaded a new audiobook to my iPod (Glenn Beck - Common Sense)and just ran and listened. One of my best runs to date. Now the Tri I am planning on doing in October is only a 5K run so I am not going to get too crazy with my distances. I am actually planning on mixing in some interval runs and speed training to help me get faster.

Anyways, that is all I got for today. Tomorrow is P90X DVD #2 Shoulders & Arms and I am going to do this at the gym again.

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  1. Wow, excellent run today! Great job. I read on twitter that you may have your bike sold. I hope the deal goes through for you.

  2. Good book to run to as well! The wife is reading it and I'm next in line.

    Have fun with Shoulders & Arms!

  3. Boomer- I posted the bike for sale. A guy called me and said he wanted it, I gave him directions to the house and I never heard from him again? oh well - someone else will want it. I am pretty much giving it away.

  4. Steve - so far the book is pretty good. Beck sometimes annoys me because he can be goofy but overall he makes some good points and is at the least entertaining.

  5. I really enjoy reading people's experience on their health and fitness regimen. Keep it up dude and keep posting!