Monday, August 17, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 10: Shoulders & Arms + ARX

I had another long day out on the road but was able to have solid nutrition day. Started off with a Whey Protein Shake with banana and a whole wheat bagel with some organic peanut butter. One thing that is a little annoying is that my supplements need to be taken on an empty stomach and it is not recommended to eat for a half hour afterwards. So, I have been waking up early to take the supps and then I check emails and take care of the dogs before I eat. After breakfast I packed a couple of protein bars and my creatine and nitix into a cooler and hit the road. I had a protein bar for each snack and a 12-inch turkey on whole wheat from Subway for lunch! I just finished off a late dinner of grilled chicken breast, long grain rice, and carrots and broccoli.

I was not able to get to the gym until 7pm and to give myself an added boost I took some NO-Xplode. And it worked wonderfully! I was able to hit the Shoulders & Arms workout with a great deal of intensity and felt completely exhausted afterwards. My left shoulder was feeling a little tender but not at all limiting. It did not prevent me from holding back on a single exercise. I even busted through the straight arm extensions in the bonus round!

I was feeling beat but sucked it up and refocused on Ab Ripper X. It was not my most intense ARX workout but it was still a pretty good one. I even had a little left over to do two sets of five Windshield Wipers. It hurt to walk down the steps to the locker room after those suckers!

Tomorrow is an exciting day! Not because I get to do cardio, but because I am getting properly fit to my new Tri Bike and I get to bring it home. The LBS (Local Bike Shop) is even going to take me out to the parking lot and practice clipping in and out of the pedals ... should be fun! Depending on the time I get home it will either be a Cycle day or if dark I will got hit the treadmill.

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  1. When I was taking NO-Xplode and Nitrix, I constantly had problems with timing of the supplements. Especially since I was doing P90X at 4:30 am.

    Those windshield wipers are uber-tough! They make the Mason twists look like child's play!

    You must be excited about your bike! I know I would be.gynarco

  2. How have you been sleeping with the NO-Xplode? Especially the other day when you had 3 scoops and said you were feeling lightheaded.

  3. My abs are still tight after doing WW's last Friday. This morning, I did 'em again, along with 50 steering wheels, 25 scissors and 25 reverse crunches. Man, I'm feelin it - feelin' it - FEELIN' IT!

    Your shop is putting you through toe clip practice? Now, that's a good shop. Seriously, its a skill and it takes practice to get both sides down. I told you about my stop-sign experience. No fun. Make sure they take into account if your feet pronate or supinate. My right foot pronates more than my left, and I rode with an incorrect adjustment for 20 miles and my right knee killed me for days.

    You will love the action of your clipless pedals and shoes. Your power strokes will be so much more efficient and your speed will increase.

  4. Boomer -
    Picked up the bike and got it all fit for me! It is fast!

    Moo - I have been sleeping fine. When I first started taking the NO Xplode during my 2nd round of P90X it took me a few weeks to adjust and I found myself tossing and turning at night. However, this time it hasn't been bothering my sleep at all. And I am only taking it for the 3 weight lifting workouts or every other day so maybe that could be why?

    Alos, the day I took 3 scoops I actually slept like a baby!

  5. Steve - the bike shop really took care of me. The owner really likes what he is doing and that seems to make all the difference. After he got it the bike "fit" we took it out to the parking lot for a test drive and practiced clipping in and out.

    I was a little worried about the clips but I seem to have caught on quickly and was amazed at how great it felt to pedal! I have been missing out on the clipless!

  6. Thanks Jeff. I'm thinking of picking some up myself, and from what I've read it sounds like it takes most people a while for their systems to get used to it, and then it's all good. Congrats on the bike. I bet you can't wait for Autumn!

  7. Moo - They recommend starting out with only one scoop of NO Xplode and then gradually increasing the dosage as needed. So your thought process is spot on there!

    Heck, since I moved from MD to TX I don't even know what Autumn is anymore ... We basically have Summer and not-as-hot-as Summer!

  8. Hey Jeff and all,

    Has anyone tried Plasmajet instead of Nitrix? One of the associates at my local supplement store/gym had recommended it. Instead of taking Nitrix 3 times a day on an empty stomach, Plasmajet is taken once about 30-60 minutes before you work out. One of the only things is that you cannot take Plasmajet every day (max 3 or 4 times a week).

    I used that and NO-Xplode and I had great results.