Sunday, August 30, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 23: 18 Mile Cycle

The plan was to wake up at 6:30 am and be on the road by 7:00 am. Well, that didn't quite work out. I remember turning the alarm off but nothing after that until I picked up my head and saw that it was already 8:00 am. That is very late for me to sleep so my body must have really needed it!

At that point we got up and had breakfast. Annie was going out with some girlfriends to see an early matinee so I figured I'd just go ride then. The temperature was only 87 and the humidity was better than normal. The cool thing was that a nice wind was blowing. Usually this sucks for cyclists but it was going to give me a change to really try out riding in the aero position.

Long story short is that riding aero is just awesome in the wind. One section of road has about a 1.2 mile straight-away that is just wide open. When I made the turn onto it I had my hands on the "bull-horns" of the bike and the wind was blowing directly at my face. I was on the big ring and working pretty good. Looked down at the speed and I was going only 17.5 mph. From there I dropped down on the aero bars and hammered it just to see how much speed I could pick up. A few cranks later I looked at my speed and was going 22.5 mph into the wind. Very, very cool. The best part was that my cadence seemed to be about the same in both positions but my speed had increased. Really digging the Tri Bike!

After the bike ride I got home and got a call from Annie telling me she was in my car about 5 miles from the house and the car had broke down. It is my company car so I called up the leasing company and they sent out a tow truck. I was planning on getting in a run tomorrow morning but now I have to get an early ride over to the dealership and pick up a rental. These situations are never easily or quickly resolved. Should be a fun day!

Tomorrow is Shoulders & Arms again (assuming I have a coche to take me to the gym).

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  1. That bike is awesome! When I put the aero bars on my road bike, I could also feel the difference.

    When life happens it sure gets in the way of training! At least you can sub out your run with biking.

    When is Annie's 1/2 mary?

  2. Annie's Half Marathon is on Feb 14th. She has a ton of time to train so she is really working on building a base right now! Im gonna run it with her.

    My car needs a new transmission so it is out of commission until the weekend. I am fine with that because I got a Dodge Ram 4 door pickup truck for my rental. It is awesome!

  3. Feb 14th... now that's the way for a couple to spend a valentine's day.

    Btw, one of our vehicles is in the shop too. There is a nationwide shortage for the part that it needs so it may take weeks. My wife is driving my truck. As for me, I commute on my motorcycle anyway.

  4. Heck, maybe you can ride the bike to work a couple of days!

  5. Yeah, I think I will ride to work tomorrow.