Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Which Triathlon Bike?

Okay, I am torn between two different triathlon bikes. The first bike is the Quintana Roo Tequilo. The second is the Cervelo P2. Both are 2009 editions and I like the way both look. I have also taken both for a spin and like the way they both feel. The QR Tequilo is a couple of hundred dollars less than the Cervelo P2, but if I am going to buy one of these bikes I am trying not to let cost be a factor.

Here are the two pictures. If you click on them it will take you to the company website. Look them over and let me now your thoughts in the comments below. Anything you see, looks, wheels, components, tires, paint ...etc, let me know!


Quintana Roo Tequilo:

Cervelo P2:


  1. what components and wheels come with it?

  2. They both have Ultegra derrailleurs and Dura Ace shifters.

    The P2 has Shimano R-500 wheels and Vittoria tires. The QR has Reynolds Assault wheels and Continental Ultra tires.

  3. I am kind of partial to the Cervelo P2 since it is one of the bikes that I am considering too. I am also looking at the Felt B16.

    Ok, so my official vote is for the Cervelo P2.

  4. I checked out the components and the Cervelo comes out ahead. If money is not object, that's the one I'd choose.

    It all boils down to geometry and what fits you best. You'll still need money to get pedals and shoes if you don't have them already, and that will run you $200.00 right there.

  5. Looks like the components are equal. I'm curious about the wheels though..are the R-500 metal and the Reynolds' Carbon? I'd check on the shelf price and see what value you are getting there. As for the bikes themselves, the P2 has a great reputation but I'd definitely put a lot of weight into fit and geometry. Also, don't forget the seat. You will no longer be riding on 'top' of the seat but will be sitting on the point of the seat. It's like riding on an ax if you ask me. I'm going to look into in Adamo saddle. It's a noseless saddle and I've heard really good things about it. Might be worth starting off with that. The alternative is the fizik tri-saddle. Normal nose saddle but comes highly recommended at bike shops it seems.


  7. What Todd says is so true. The seat, when properly aligned and fit, actually tilts back a tad (southern term for millimeters), which flattens your back more. But getting used to riding like that took me a while. It did feel like straddling an axe!

    I used to ride with a guy who had a leather bike saddle; not glove leather mind you, but saddle leather. It was hard as a rock but after miles of riding and sweat, the thing molded right to his butt and he wouldn't trade it for anything else out there.

  8. Todd .. first, that video was awesome!

    Okay, both bikes have aluminum wheels. And from what I have read they are both equally not carbon (LOL). I could upgrade models and get the carbons but we are talking another couple of thousand bucks! So, I figure that I will start out with these and save up my $$ and do that in a few months!

    As for the seats, all the reviews say that both bikes have awful seats and they need to be replaced. Now both stems are carbon but the actual seats are rated rather poorly!

  9. Steve - I am good with "a tad", been in the South long enough now! LOL!

    What I am going to do is go try both bikes again on Saturday. Take them both for a spin and then make my decision. I am leaning towards the P2 but I have only tried the Tequilo while wearing a dress shoes and a shirt and tie -- need to try it in my gear!

    Everything I keep reading and from what you and Todd have said is that Fit is the most important thing. With these bikes being so similar I just need to try them out!

    Thanks for all the input guys! It is much appreciated!