Thursday, August 13, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 6: 3.5 Mile Run

My legs are jello people!

I had every intention of hitting the treadmill for a medium paced 5.5 mile run today. I was in the car driving to the gym and I was talking to a buddy on the phone and telling him how surprised I was at how good my legs felt after doing Legs & Back.

Well, that all went to crap as soon as I started to stretch out my legs in the back of the gym. My quads and gluts were just screaming! I guess I didn't realize it earlier because I was sitting in my car all day long. I stated yesterday that I, "killed it" doing Legs & Back - well I was wrong - Legs & Back won, not me!

Anyways, I started out and every stride was a chore. I tried to ignore the uncomfortableness in my quads and ass by listening to my audiobook. It worked for 3.5 miles and I just couldn't go anymore. I kept telling myself that tomorrow is the rest day so I can push it but I just crapped out and couldn't do it. Still, 3.5 miles isn't bad but I really wanted to do two more.

For the week I ended up doing 13 miles running. This is about double of what I was doing during Tri training so I guess I can't be that upset!

Tomorrow I have a Team Meeting in Waco, TX. It is about a 3.5 hour drive. We have to be there by 9:30 am so my buddy Ryan and I are leaving at 6am. This works out good since this is my scheduled rest/stretch day. I will not be home until 7-7:30 PM and imagine that the rest will do me good.

Saturday is the beginning of Day 8/Week 2 and it is another round of Chest & Back! Also, thanks to Todd, Boomer, and Steve for weighing in on the Tri Bike question. On Saturday afternoon I am going to go take each Bike for a spin and make the final determination. The bikes are so darn similar that it is going to have to come down to which one just fits me better!

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  1. I can completely sympathize with you. I felt like that on Monday. Increasing the mileage too fast is hell. It makes me think about throttling back some.

    You did good job getting to 3.5 miles, especially when you consider the hammering you did to your legs with P90X.

    Using fit as your determining factor in selecting your bike is a very wise decision indeed!

  2. Yeah baby, Legs and Back LIVES!

    I did a Tabata interval this morning that left my legs smoking. I did "Skater Jumps", Wide-knee squat jumps, Mary Katherines with a 8lb med ball held over my head, and Squat-X-Press Jumps. 20-seconds of work, 10-seconds of rest for 2 sets, total of 4 minutes. I still feel that three hours later.

    Have fun with the bike decision. Remember, if all things are equal, get the one that most closely matches the color scheme of your car! :)

  3. Hey Guys - I am sore as hell right now. My legs and gluts are on fire! P90X is awesome! Boomer, you were not kidding about the pounding that the body takes by increasing to fast!

    Steve, sounds like you are just killing yourself - nice job man, keep up the great work!

    Bike day tomorrow!