Wednesday, August 12, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 5: Legs and Back + Ab Ripper X

Dudes, I am hurting right now! Legs and Back is a bitch and I remember why the heck I love this workout so much!

I absolutely killed this workout today and also killed Ab Ripper X too! I am so glad to be back on the X.

I am planning on swimming tomorrow but I might just run again to see how my legs handle it. My buddy Boomer over at Project Exercise is training for a marathon and he has been increasing his overall mileage each week. He has mentioned how it is difficult on the legs and body. I think I was feeling some of what he was talking about yesterday when I hit the treadmill. If I run tomorrow I am guessing I will really be able to relate! I am at 9.5 miles for this first week and I will try and do 5.5 miles tomorrow to get me to 15 miles for the week! I am really enjoying running while listening to an audiobook!

Look at the post below it show the two Tri bikes I am considering. Check them out and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Man, I really miss the X now. I will probably start again in December or January after the marathon.

    15 miles for the week is a good week!

    I gotta take a look at those bikes now.

  2. Did those "sneaky lunges" tear you up? Those always got me, and they come at the right time of the workout, right when the legs have "had it", he throws that at you!

  3. hey jeff, sorry i can't help you on the tri bikes because i don't know anything about what would be good, but i'm jealous that you're back on the X (we sound like drug users or something)... P90X that is. I can't wait to hit it again too!

  4. Boomer - It feels so good to be doing the X again! Don't let it discourage you, you are doing the right thing with the marathon training. On a couple more short months and you get back on the Tony Horton train!

  5. Steve, Sneaky lunges ripped me up yesterday. And yes they are placed just perfect. I literally just drip sweat from my head every single time I do these!

  6. Annie ... That cracks me up. If people were to see our posts without knowing the concept of what P90X was then we would all look like a bunch of druggies!

    It is very cool to be doing "The X" again! I liked all the cardio training the last few months but am really enjoying my first week back with Tony.