Friday, August 7, 2009

P90X Round 3 Begins Tomorrow!

I am sitting on the couch right now with my wife and two pugs. We are watching Die Hard on FMC for like the 200th time. We love this movie! The reason it is such a quiet night is that Annie has been under the weather the last few days. She is starting to feel better, but it looks like the sickness may have found a new victim in yours truly!

I have been downing Vitamin C all day long and hydrating like crazy in hopes of fighting this thing off before it even starts! If this tactic works then I am ready to hit the gym tomorrow morning with my video iPod and kick the crap out of Chest & Back!

The supplements (Cell Mass, Nitrix, and Creatine) are starting to kick in already since I started my new cycle on Monday. I have really missed how Cell Mass and Nitrix make me feel during workouts and am excited to get back in there.

I am going to have Annie snap off a few photos in a couple of minutes so I will have a comparison on days 30-60-90. If you are new to P90X make sure to take the before pics! They are the biggest motivational tool out there and if you follow the program you will see great results.

Also, my nutrition is going to be about the same as it has been for the last year. Ever since I began P90X I have pretty much followed the nutrition guide and will continue to do so. The only difference is that I will be using Phase II of the program instead of Phase I. The reason is that I weigh 152 lbs right now and really do not want to lose any more weight. Phase I is the "Fat Shredding" section and I am shredded enough right now.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Jeff: Hang in there buddy! Keep downing the Vitamin C and drink tons of water. Let's hope its just a bug that passes quickly.

    Couldn't agree with you more about taking pics. I wish I'd done that when I started. Now, all I have a loose pants and tighter-fitting shirts to prove that I've made gains. I'm still eating clean and my workouts are still just as intense at P90X, if not a tad more sometimes.

    Your notes on this blog kept me going early. I hope someone else is inspired to keep "bringing it" like your blog did with me. I look forward to reading your posts about your 3rd round!

  2. I wish Annie a quick recovery! Hope she wakes up feeling good in the morning. Wouldn't you know it... just when you have round 3 scheduled, the sickness comes around. Life's challenges are funny that way.

    I am looking forward to following round 3! If it wasn't for my marathon/triathlon training, I would be all over another round of P90X or Insanity. Actually, after (and if I do) the marathon, I will probably couple P90X and tri training again.

  3. Good luck on round 3.

    I just started a round of Insanity... I plan on alternating between that and P90x (with a bit of P90X+)...

  4. Critter, Let us know how the Insanity is going. We all talked about doing it. I'd love to hear if you able to maintain weight and gain muscle or if it is just a fat shredder?

  5. Steve and Boomer -- we might all have to plan a round of Insanity in the near future. I'd bet with all the cardio in Insanity that it maybe good for us Triathletes? I'll keep reading all the reviews and see what ppl say. And my sister Liz and my buddy Mike are both doing Insanity. They are only a couple of weeks in so I'll let you know what they say once they get a little further along.

    Oh, I am back to feeling good again. All the fluids and Vitamin C must have helped! Annie is still a congested mess but seems to be doing better! I am keeping my distance so as not to get it!