Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Couple more Triathlon Pics + 3.1 Mile Run

A couple more pics from the Tri on Sunday!

Today I went to the gym with Annie and we ran on the treadmill. Separate treadmills, not the same one. My legs were feeling a little tight today so I was going to plan on just doing an easy 5k run maybe at like a 9 minute per mile pace. Well, I ran my first 2 miles in 14 minutes flat. This was not exactly the easy run I should have been doing. So when mile 3 started I backed off and slowed it down considerably. I ended up going 3.5 miles total. Good run.

Also, today is day two of taking my BSN Supplement Stack and I already feel like it is kicking in. I can't wait to start hitting the weights again!

Tomorrow I am going to rest up again. I have decided to start my new round of P90X on Saturday instead of Monday. The main reason is that the rest days will be on Fridays. It always seemed that in the past Fridays are always tough to get a good workout in.

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  1. Thanks for sharing more photos!

    Wow, back to the running already. Good job!

    So will this next round of P90X be round 3 or 4?

  2. Are you starting THIS Saturday? I was hoping to get my 2nd round of the X at the same time as yours, but I'm in my first week of a "Push/Pull" circuit routine that has spanked me so far! I'm going to do that for 3 more weeks, then may begin another round of the "X."

    Adjusting your P90X training schedule to your natural, weekly routine is smart. I look forward to reading your posts, especially after a few weeks of using dumbbells and pulleys. Will you do that at your health club?


  3. Boomer - it will be round 3 of the P90X. I also did a half round of PLUS, only a half b/c I hurt my shoulder midway through.

    I am thinking of aerobic base training with my running ... I feel like my anaerobic level is fine. And if I want to do any distance running the base training is going to have to happen. Problem is that it is so boring! Especially since I need to stay indoors on the treadmill for at least another 4-6 weeks until it starts to cool down some here!

  4. Steve,

    When you finish up I should just be beginning phase 2 of P90x. Maybe we can try and coordinate the days so we are doing the same workouts at the same time?

    Also, I took Boomers advice and put the P90x strength vids on my ipod. That way I can just go to the gym and use the lat pulldown machine and the flat bench there! It was easier that I thought to get them loaded on itunes. I just had to find some ripping software and it converted it to MP4's!

  5. My schedule works best if I start P90X on Mondays, but either way, we'll undoubtedly be sharing workouts on the same days. I certainly looked forward to those Pike Press contests (ye kicked me arse!), BUT...using dumbbells and doing shoulder presses (or "Arnold Presses")instead will bring out your delts even more...at least IMHO.

    I'm finding though, using my "push/pull" training, that nothing shreds the legs like Legs & Back. I miss that workout. I'm doing dumbbell squats, stiff leg deadlifts, lunges, jump squats, etc right now, but I just don't "feel it" like I did with L&B, which always left me sore the next day!

  6. Steve, the Legs & Back workout for P90X is my favorite workout! My legs were ripped after finishing my rounds. It just hits every darn muscle group!

    Let me know when you get ready to begin again and we can match some things up.