Tuesday, August 11, 2009

P90X Hybrid Day 3: Shoulders and Arms + Ab Ripper X

Took my butt to the gym again for my Day 3 of P90X and did Shoulders & Arms.

I am enjoying doing the weight training at the gym. Even though I could probably do Shoulders & Arms at home because it is just shoulders - bis - tris and repeat! For one it is much easier to use nice fancy racks with the dumbbells loaded on them then picking them off the floor. Another thing that is nice is having the space to move around. The gym I go to is older and a couple of new gyms have opened so this means I am pretty much alone most of the time. That is cool!

Anyways, I brought the heck out of it today. When I had trouble raising my arm up to put the keys in the ignition of my car that was a good sign that I worked hard. I did extra reps on ARX and again used a medicine ball for the Mason Twists at the end.

If I can keep up this level of intensity I am going to be pretty ripped up again by about day 30!

Today is Day 4 and in the normal P90X schedule I would be scheduled to do Yoga. For my hybrid schedule I will substitute running with yoga. I really should swim today but I have become a little obsessive about my running of late.

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  1. Way to bring it, man. I know that feeling of having trouble moving your arms after this type of workout...its kinda cool! You should one ripped dude by Day 30 if you keep that up.

    I rocked on my "PUSH" routine this morning, but every muscle in my back cramped on me while doing Deep Swimmers Presses. I've heard of "back spasms", but now that I've had one, WHOA! I have a rest day tomorrow, just in time.

    Can you do one-arm cable rows instead of lawnmowers at your gym? I found those to be great at isolating the lats and upper back.

  2. Steve, that blows about the bakc spasms. It's funny you mentioned that because I had a "tweak" or spasm in my upper right side back doing the swimmers presses also. I actually had to switch my weight to lesser dumbbells. MAybe we are bringing it a little too hard??

    I will try the lawnmowers on the cables tomorrow .... if I remember correctly we do lawnmowers on Legs and Back right? But my gym has the capabilities (barely..lol) so I will try it - thanks for the tip!

  3. Great workout, Jeff! I love it when get that feeling when you absolutely know that you gave it all you got. The feedback from your arms is a good indicator for sure. Makes me want to stop marathon training and just jack up some major iron!

    You are definitely a great inspiration!

  4. keep it up Jeff. I haven't gotten my p90x yet. I'm not sure when I will get it. But I have been sticking to my excercises. Jump rope, jumping jacks, pushups, crunches. And running. last friday i ran 8 miles. I have lost 19 lbs since June 1st. I'm now 200 lbs.