Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 17: 3.1 Mile Jog

It was a hot one today. Not so much the heat, but the humidity - I always laugh when I hear that one!

Well, I was going to bike today but as I was driving home the wind was blowing my car all over the road. It is not fun to run in high winds, but compared to cycling it is a picnic! Of course as soon as I began to run the wind subsided some and by the time I was finished the wind was gone! I should have biked!

Seriously, it is 9:30 at night and still 80 degrees outside! By the time I hit my 2nd mile today I was SOAKED! I need to get some sort of water belt because I need to hydrate in this type of heat and it is only the beginning of May. What am I going to do in July?

Anyways, I hid the timer on my Garmin again today so I could focus on just my Heart Rate. My screen is the Distance across the top, HR in the bottom left, and Calories in the bottom right. This Garmin lets you customize your screens anyway you want! I averaged a 153 BPM and did the run in 28:04. I didn't even sprint at the end to try and get a better time! All the experts say this is the best way to training for distance so I am going to keep doing it. I must admit that it is very tempting to look at my time during the run but if I do this it will ignore my HR -- I know myself all to well!

This week is going to be difficult. I have to go to a convention in San Antonio on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I will be pretty much working from the early AM to the late PM everyday so I might not be able to get any workouts in. I am going to bring all my clothes and try but these things really leave you with no time to do anything!

Tomorrow is supposed to be my rest day but that doesn't make sense with my upcoming schedule so I am going to get up early and do a bike ride and then go to the pool in the evening to work on my freestyle technique.

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  1. I had to laugh about you decision to run over biking because of the wind and only to have it die down. Isn't that just like life!

    Oh, by the way, the comment you left on my blog encouraged me to do a review on my hydration belt. You can find it here...

    Click HereHey, its cool that Carl D. visits your site... and multiple times too!

    Project Exercise

  2. Always happens that way Boomer .. I got up to Bike this morning and it was pouring down rain too. Just can't win sometimes!

    Thanks for posting the review .... going to jump over to your blog to read it ... I need some hydration bigtime on my runs with this darn heat!