Sunday, May 10, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 22: 13.1 Miles Cycle

Well back on the horse today! After sleeping and feeling re-energized I got in a 13.1 Mile Bike ride.

The fun part was that I walked out to grab my bike and the back tire was flat. So, I had to patch my tire. The hole was found rather easily and the patch kit I had was simple to use. It took me about 5 minutes from start to finish to patch the tube and then I was on my way! Good practice in case this happens during the triathlon.

It was 87 degrees when I began riding today and once again the darn wind was blowing hard but at least it helped to keep my a little cool! I used my Garmin 305 for the ride again to track all of my vitals and statistics. I got home and downloaded the info and the funny thing was that when I was going 13-15 mph my heart rate was significantly higher then when I was going 18-21 mph. When I was going 13-15 mph it was because the wind was blowing right in my face and I had to work harder to keep even that pathetic speed up! According to my Garmin I burned 694 calories on today's ride and my Average Heart Rate was 140 bpm. Very good workout. Next time out I am going to try for a 20 mile ride. Hopefully the darn wind will go away!

Another positive event to report - I am back on my BSN Supplements (CellMass, Nitrix, & N.O.-Xplode). I used these for 12 weeks while doing P90X and they were great. The manufacture recommends taking 4 weeks off once you finish the 12 week cycle so I did. Yesterday was the end of the 4 weeks. I noticed a big difference energy and strength-wise once the supplements were out of my system. It takes about 10 days for the Cell Mass and Nitrix to start making a noticeable difference. I am very curious to see if these supps will work as well as they did for this training compared to when I was doing P90x!

Tomorrow is a swimming day and then Tuesday will be a running day. This is supposed to be a rest week but since I took 3 days off I am going to try and add a few strength and yoga days in this week as well!

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  1. I don't know what the triathlon rules are but you would be better off with a replacement tube along with a patch kit.

  2. I have both a tube and a patch kit... just in case I get a second flat.

    At any rate it is good that you and I are getting these things during our training.

    I get the same wind factor on my outbound leg. The wind is a bear! It really bumps my heart rate up.

  3. Extra tube and patch kit...roger that!

    Due to the endorsement by you and Boomer, I'm taking Cellmass, and have been now for three weeks. I can tell a HUGE difference with that one supplement alone and wish I had taken it during my first official round.

    Since I'm doing P90X resistence M/W/F and HIIT core excersises T/Th, I've seen extremely positive results. My next official round of the "X" won't be till the fall, so I'll use it again at that time.

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog and was wondering how others were using P90X as part of their training/exercise routine. Great postings.

  5. Hey Boomer and Paul - Yep I have a spare tube also. It was a back tire and those are a pain to take off so i just used the patch. I also have a couple C02 cartridges -- I will use this for the race if needed.

  6. Steve - Let me know when you are going to start the P90X round in the fall. We can try and do it around the same time - I am losing some definition on my chest and arms but I figured that would happen with all this cardio.

    Glad you are enjoying the CellMass - it is a great product and i am happy to be usingit again myself!

  7. Larry B. - P90X prepares your entire body for just about any type of physical activity. It has made me better at jogging, swimming, and cycling.

  8. Jeff...not sure exactly when I'll start, but I'll let you know. I enjoyed working out alongside you (on this blog!) the first time...its such a big difference and encouragement to swap war stories while doing P90X!