Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 18: Swimming + Ab Ripper X

Got to the gym today and went and did Ab Ripper X! I was able to blow right through it again and add in a bunch of extra reps. When I stood up I was a little winded so I might have overdone it some. So before I got changed and jumped in the pool I stayed in the back of the gym and did about 10 minutes of stretching to loosen up some.

After that I did 6 laps to get the feeling of the water and then started practicing my Total Immersion Drills. This was the final Drill (#14) to practice and it went very well. I'm becoming very comfortable in the water and am really enjoying swimming. I ended up doing about 40 laps today. A cool story - in the lane next to me was a guy who I have seen at the pool a few times now. We have talked a few times and he told me he swims in a masters program and tries to swim at least 5 times a week. So, he was swimming laps next to me and I waited for him to get to the wall so I could see how I compared. He beat me by maybe 1 or 2 seconds but what I really noticed was that he was doing at least 2 strokes for every one of mine but was only barely ahead of me! This Total Immersion book really is worth its weight in gold!

Tomorrow I am leaving very early for San Antonio and will not have a chance to workout. I am hopeful that I can get a run in on Friday morning but it will probably be unlikely. Same goes for Saturday. If I get home early enough on Saturday night I am going to try to get in either yoga or core synergistics.

Chances are that I am not going to be able to blog or answer comments over the next three days so I hope everyone has a nice active weekend and I'll be back on Sunday!

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  1. Great story about testing your strokes against another swimmer. Yeah, TI is for real. I have gotten my strokes down to 18/19 strokes per 25 yards using TI.

    Project Exercise