Sunday, May 17, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 29: 15mi Bike + 3mi Jog Brick

What a great day to get outside and train! Sunny, 73 degrees, a breeze - doesn't get much better than this!

I set up my garage as the Transition Area, put air in the bike tires, slopped on some sunscreen and got ready to go! In order to start to get my legs used to transitioning I broke the Brink into 6 legs today: Cycle for 5mi, transition, then run for 1 mile. Repeat, repeat again. So, I got to work on the transitioning from bike to run 3 different times.

The Brick today went very well. I did the first 5 miles on the bike in 16:30 and the first 1 mile run in 8:45. It took me a good two minutes for my legs to not feel like rocks after the transition. A buddy of mine who has done a few Triathlons told me to kick my heels up to my ass and even high steps a few times just to get the blood flowing. I did this and even though my neighbors are probably still talking about me it actually seemed to help with the goofy leg feeling! My second 5 miles on the bike was 18:30 and the run was at 9:00 flat. The final 5 miles on the bike was 18:30 again and the last run was 9:55. I was a little winded for about the last half mile of the run and decided to keep my Heart Rate in the aerobic zone instead of trying to sprint for a better time! This was probably a wise decision because I feel pretty darn good right now - I could almost go do a P90X Strength Training video - almost!

Tomorrow is a Swimming Day. I'm going to work on my freestyle stroke and try and get in 40 laps or so - 1000 yds.

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  1. Great feedback on your new brick workout. I will have to strongly consider this for my scheduled brick this coming Saturday. Should be fun kicking myself in the arse!

  2. Lol .. we've been kicking our own arses for many months now!