Friday, May 1, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 13: Swimming + Ab Ripper X

Practiced my Total Immersion swimming drills today. I feel like I took a small step back today. For some reason I just didn't feel as balanced in the water today? At times I did, at times I just felt awkward - very weird. I guess this is to be expected when learning something new but it is still frustrating.

Overall, my swimming today was still pretty good. I tried to keep track of my laps and did close to 35 total ... plus or minus a couple. It was a crowded day at the pool and I got caught up in conversations with people and lost count a few times.

Before I did my swimming I went to the weight area to stretch and do Ab Ripper X. I've done ARX so many times now that I no longer need Tony and the video. They have a soft mat there that is much better than the Yoga mat I use at home. I added reps to every move and did a total of 400 in all!

A funny thing happened right after that. I was walking to the locker room and a guy came up to me and asked if my name was "Jeff". I said yes, but didn't recognize him? He asked if I did, "that P90X blog?" .... I started to laugh. His name was Ken, so Ken is you are reading, it was nice to meet you and good luck getting started with P90X!

Tomorrow I have to go help a Doctor with an Implant case at 11am. So, I am going to try and get up early and get in a 20 mile Bike ride before that. I'd like to get in Core Syn or Yoga tomorrow too but I have plans with a buddy in the afternoon and then Annie and I are going out for a friends Birthday. Might have to wait until Sunday!

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  1. Hey, now you're a celebrity! That's awesome! And I wish Ken all the best as he starts P90X.

    It's interesting that you can do more ARX reps without Tony. I do ARX now on Tue/Thu as part of an intense core workout (Imagine ARX, Core Syn, Plyo X all crunched into one session). I'm getting more quality reps now than I did while listening to the DVD. Perhaps its because we're not concentrating on listening, and we're focusing more on the movement and the "burn?"

  2. Steve, You are so right about doing ARX without the DVD. Instead of mindlessly watching Tony you actually just keep on moving.
    The funny thing is I am doing a ton more reps without the DVD and I complete the whole thing in like 10 minutes instead of 15 minutes.

    However, I do miss his cadence when doing the Fifer Scissors. I think I sometimes move quicker than Tony does and that isn't good on this particular exercise!

  3. I also do ARX without the DVD. I often times do it in the gym. For the scissors, I kind of like the cadence that Tony does it. I try to do it at the same cadence. Somehow, I have the ARX music in my head so I do it with the music and believe it or not, I have Tony's voice implanted in my head for that particular exercise (fifer scissors).