Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 32: P90X Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

Well -- Today is normally my scheduled rest day but I was feeling pretty good and decided to do Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps. This is such a great workout and I miss it now that I am in hardcore cardio mode.

I was seriously considering just taking the rest. I got home around 5:30 today and was completely exhausted. Part of the reason is because I missed lunch. It has been a long time since I missed a lunch and my body reacted by telling me it wasn't please with this. I sat down on the couch to check my work email. The pugs jumped up on my lap and I passed out for about 45 minutes. I woke up when my wife got home and she was hungry so dinner had to be made. Then we started watching the Idol finale and by the time that was over it was after 930pm. Annie went to sleep and I decided to do C/S/T. The little nap did wonders for me and I would have felt guilty if I didn't take advantage of that energy boost.

I didn't kill myself like I usually do on the P90X workouts, but I still was able to Bring It pretty hard. I have lost some of my strength as my reps were down from when I finished my 2nd round of P90X. On the Pike Presses I used the chair and was able to only do 11 reps, I think I did 17 on my last attempt. Not awful but still not what I've become accustomed to! My triceps and shoulders are sore right now and I bet I feel it tomorrow morning!

Tomorrow I am supposed to do a 15 mile cycle. If it is as hot and humid as it was today I may swim instead and do the cycle early on Friday morning. With the holiday weekend coming up a lot of people are off on Friday so traffic should be light and make the bike ride that much more pleasant!

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  1. Wow, CST on rest day! Good job. I hate rest days! It is hard "not" to workout on these.

    Dude, I only have 2.5 weeks until my triathlon. I am getting nervous!

  2. Jeff, that's still some good work on those Pike Presses. What was our first round total, something like 6 or 8 before we collapsed?

    Since I've been doing a hybrid P90X/HIIT schedule recently, I decided to do Plyo X the other day, just to see how I've progressed or regressed with my new regimen. Gotta tell you, I made it through to the end, wanting more!. My legs had energy and my cardio-vascular was excellent. Usually, I'm ready for the workout to end, but I caught a second wind during the bonus round. Alas, I had to go to work so I couldn't do more...but I'm pleased with where I am physically.

  3. Boomer - You are ready buddy! You have been busting your butt and you are going to exceed even your own expectations. Just remember we are all pulling for you and time does not matter. All you want to do is finish and have fun!

  4. Steve, You are right the Pikes were more difficult the first time with a chair. My left shoulder is also 100% now and that makes a big difference.

    I have never felt like I wanted more after Plyo! Man you must be ripping it up on the HIIT workouts - keep it up! Maybe when we all start new rounds in the fall we can incorporate some of the HIIT training?