Thursday, May 28, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 40: Back & Biceps

It is about two months to go until my Triathlon and I am feeling great physically! Since I am only doing strength training once or twice a week I have noticed that some definition in my arms and chest has gone away. Not a ton but I'm not as ripped as I was at the end of P90X. It is more of a vanity thing at this point. You go from being fat and flabby to pretty ripped and you like the way you look.

The cool thing is I checked my BF% today on the digital scale and with calibers and I came in right at 10%. I was hopeful to be around 12% so the 10% was a nice surprise. I was around 17-18% starting my second round of P90X and if I remember correctly (too tired to fact check I finished around 13-14%. So, in the 40 days of blasting myself with cardio I have dropped another 3-4% - guess this is why all the body builders do so much cardio before competitions.

Anywho, I did P90X Back & Biceps this evening. I didn't overdo it again and used only the 25lb dumbbells for most of the curls. Even though I haven't been weight training like I have in the past I almost feel stronger -- which doesn't make a lot of sense? Maybe the swimming is the reason because using the Total Immersion technique does give me one heck of an upper body/core workout.

Tomorrow is the last day of the month (fiscal) for me at work - which is always an adventure - I am planning on running tomorrow but I haven't taken a rest day this week so it may happen if things get crazy. I'd like to get up early and go but I have to be on the road by 6:45am so that isn't going to happen. Especially because Annie is working until 11pm tonight and I usually can't sleep until I know she is home. We shall see. If no run tomorrow then a brick on Saturday!


  1. You know, my BF ratio dropped a lot during my triathlon training too. So that is the secret! Just pound the heck out of yourself and your there!

    I actually feel pretty wasted. I need to get some rest so next week's recovery and taper will be nice. At 52, I just don't recover as fast as you younger folks. The good news though is that I am probably the most fit guy at work regardless of age!

    Well, good luck with fiscal. A rest day won't be so bad (although I have to admit, I hate rest days).

  2. Boomer - You are my motivation buddy - you doing it at 52 give me no excuses! Rest day sucked today but I did need it. Probably more mentally then physically. The month ended up good and I hit all my sales goals so I am pretty happy!

  3. Boomer, I play ball against a 53 year old pitcher who plays in three leagues (25+, 35+, 45+), throws 7 innings on a weeknight game, 7+ innings on Saturday and again on Sunday. His fastball is in the lo-80's with movement too...which in our league is like the lo-90's..ala Greg Maddux. Not sure if he has a bag-full of Aleve in his car trunk, but his recovery is a sight to behold. Me? I make five throws to first base and I'm feeling it the next day!

    Some guys, like yourself, are blessed with bodies that can take some lickin' and still keep tickin'. Staying in shape is a must because the older we get, the faster we "lose it". Which is why I hate "rest days", because they feel like three days off!