Monday, May 4, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 16: Ab Ripper X + Swim Drills and Laps

Started out this morning with my normal whey protein shake. I have been feeling a little parched the last couple of days so I brought 2 gallons of water with me in the car. It is amazing how drinking tons of water throughout the day makes you feel very good! I had a Balance Bar for a snack and then went to lunch with a customer. We went to a pasta place and I was able to get whole wheat penne - I wish more restaurants offered healthy selections like this! I had two handfuls of almonds for an afternoon snack and had a whole wheat turkey sub for dinner. My carb intake today was higher than usual but I needed some extra energy since I was going swimming.

After work I went to the gym and got a good stretch in and then jumped into Ab Ripper X. I started a little sluggish and had to refocus before I jumped into the Fifer Scissors. After that I was able to do extra reps on everything but the oblique raises - sometimes these just shred me up!

Then I jumped in the pool and did 10 slow laps to warm up. After that I worked on my Total Immersion Drills. I am now on Drills 7 & 8 (after I finish I will recap all of the drills) and am starting to feel comfortable in the water. On Friday I felt like I took a step backwards swimming but today I took a huge leap forward! For some reason everything I have been practicing just clicked for me? I practiced my drills for about 30 minutes and did about another 15 laps while doing them. After feeling pretty good about my practice I finished up strong by doing another 10 laps. The best part about today's swim was that my legs felt great after the workout. Which is a very good thing since swimming is the first part of the triathlon!

Tomorrow is a cycle day - going to try and get in at least 15 miles.

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  1. Dude, I look forward to your daily posts. Especially since we are both training for our first triathlon. Looks like the TI drills are paying off for you. I am stoked over the improvements I am making (especially for my advanced age - hahaha). I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

    Hey, taking 2 gallons of H20 with you is a great idea. I am going to do the same. I will take a 2 gallon bottle to the office.

    Yeah, man... its carbs, carbs, carbs for us!!! Umm... did I mention CARBS!!!

    Project Exercise

  2. I knocked out ARX this morning and felt the burn the whole way through. I've modified my Oblique raises with a move called Oblique reaches...instead of the upper arm behind the head, I'm reaching back behind my head with a straight arm on the downstroke, then touching my shin on the upstroke, keeping my arm straight the whole time.

    Not sure how you can travel with 2 gallons of water and not make pitstops all day long...unless you're making that many stops already!

  3. Love this blog. one thing I would be interested to see you work into your routine is the upcoming "Insanity". I would love your feedback specifically because we designed for people who got in shape with one of our other programs who then want to build their cardio for some extreme event like a triathalon or marathon. We're sending a sneak peek with this month's One on One if you are subscriber.

    Anyway, keep up the great work!

    Carl Daikeler
    CEO - Beachbody

  4. You got Carl to your blog too! It totally made my day when I checked my comments and the CEO of Beachbody had written me a comment!

    Anyway, want to say that I think it's awesome you're training for a triathlon. I have a ways to go before I can even think about attempting one! But for real, awesome job!

  5. Boomer - The TI is awesome. i feel so much more comfortable in the water and am not even nervous about the swim portion of the tri anymore. Water in the car is the way to go -- I have two big jugs that I feel up every night and then put one on the front seat and one in a small cooler in the back.

  6. Steve - Oblique reaches sound brutal! Oh and the pit stops are a many. I know every good bathroom in the metro Houston area - I should write a book about this for outside sales reps!

  7. Hi Carl - It is always nice when you stop by! I have heard nothing but good things about "Insanity" and look forward to trying it soon!

  8. Thanks Annie - i am really enjoying training for the Tri. I never would have ever considered something like this before P90X!

    Carl stops by from time to time. Beachbodies seems like a pretty cool company and it is even cooler that Carl takes the time to check in with his customers!