Saturday, May 30, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 42: 4 mile run

Today was my best day running in quite some time. I woke up and had a Whey Protein Shake and then waited about an hour to go run. For some reason I just felt wonderful today. Maybe it was because yesterday was a rest day and my body had some extra time to recover.

It was weird how my time went today. Mile 1 was done in 9:32 - not even near my fastest time! Mile two was done in 8:30, three was done in 8:25, and four was completed in 8:21. Usually, this progression is the exact opposite. My first mile is usually my fastest and I get progressively slower from there on! Part of the reason this happened today was that I ignored my HRM. It was still one of the 4 read-outs on my Garmin. Along with pace, distance, and calories, but I instead just ran on how I felt and not just in the aerobic zone. The weird thing is you would think by being at a higher heart rate for the majority of the run that I would be more uncomfortable. Well, that was not the case. Even after four miles I felt great and my HR was in the high 160's for most of the run?

Maybe it was a combination of the rest day and all the other aerobic training. Who knows, but I hope I feel this way on Race day.

I was going to go for a cycle in the afternoon but instead I did yard work. Annie is having a baby shower for a friend at our house tomorrow and 60 people are expected. That means I had to get the yard in shape. I worked in the front yard for close to 4 hours and I am exhausted. The Texas sun was sitting high and the temperature was in the low 90's. The yard work was probably the most calories I burned all week!

I haven't decided what to do tomorrow yet. Since the baby shower is going on for most of the afternoon I'd like to either swim or cycle in the morning. I might be playing golf with a buddy during the shower and if that is the case I will probably cycle since the swimming exhausted my arms and shoulders which would be a problem for golfing! And riding in the neighborhood on Sundays is usually nice because not much traffic is around. I am definitely doing ARX.

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  1. Wow, sounds like an amazing run. That is really something how you got progressively faster. What did you put in that protein shake?!?!?

    I have also been using RPE instead of my actual HR. I check my HR after I download my Garmin just to see if my RPE estimations are close. On my runs, I only monitor my time, pace and distance.

  2. You know all that I have read about running has said to training by running in your aerobic heart rate. This is probably the best way to do it if you are going to run a marathon and have enough time to train but for what we are trying to accomplish this might be overkill.