Monday, May 18, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 30: 1000 yards Swimming

Today is a good day! My company sent my new computer to me and the best news is they just swapped out the hard drive from my old one so I don't have to worry about reinstalling anything!

I had a very cleaning eating day again and am really beginning to feel my supplements kicking in - despite long hours working and training my energy level is solid!

This evening before the 24 season finale I went and got in 40 laps at the pool. I did not work on my swimming drills at all but instead focused on keeping my form and doing laps. At about lap 20 I realized I wasn't rotating with my hips as fluently so I paused and took some deep yoga breathes for about a minute. I had to do it again at about lap 35. Overall, I had a great endurance swim. I'm still not very fast but I am a million times more comfortable compared to day one and my legs felt great when I finished up today. If my legs feel like this on the day of the Triathlon then the bike and run are going to be fun.

Going to do ARX right now and then off to bed!

Not really sure what I have scheduled tomorrow and I am to tired to even click on my google calendar to check!

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  1. Excellent job on your swim. When doing the endurance training, the trick seems to be remembering the correct mechanics of the stroke and making adjustments. Looks like you got that down.

    Btw, 2 guys from my office and myself formed a team to do a relay at the Tinman Triathlon in Honolulu on July 26. I will be doing the swim relay.

  2. Awesome.

    Also, a little off topic, wasn't the 24 season finale just absolutely ridiculous? I loved it though. It's so open ended, but sets up next season.

  3. Michael, Not sure how I feel about the 24 finale? It had some great scenes and Jack kicked some butt at timee. However, they left it soooo open ended. Remember when Kim Bauer used to be hot? What happened to her?