Friday, May 29, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 41: Rest Day

Today I did nothing. Not sure how I feel about it. A little stir crazy. Also, for dinner I had a cheeseburger and fries at this local hole-in-the-wall. My eating had become so monotonous that something drastic needed to be done. This is the first cheeseburger and fries I have had in like 8 months! This used to be my diet every other day - weird I didn't even enjoy it that much! Tomorrow morning I will probably feel like hell and I plan on punishing myself with a long run and even longer cycle.



  1. You know, I think I deserve a cheeseburger and fries too!!!

    Eating clean does get monotonous. After I am done with the triathlon, I may do my 95% system. Eat clean for all my meals except dinner on Saturdays.

  2. Hey, to use a baseball term, even the best boot a ground ball once in a while. The good thing about "errors" like that is we can make it up the next day, and the day after...

    I'm on Boomers diet right now, except I indulge in our Friday night pizza ritual...veggie slices of course.

  3. Annie and I actually planned to eat bad this one meal! The place we went to has the best burger you'll ever eat! We used to love to go there when we were fat. We decided to go just to get one of these burgers. We both ate clean for the rest of the day and we figured we would the rest of this weekend. So, this little slip up was preconcieved - but now that it is out of my system i can move forward. The burger wasn't even as good as I once thought it was either?