Monday, May 25, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 37: Memorial Day + 3 Mile Run

Happy Memorial Day to everyone and Thank You to our Military!
***If you are easily offended skip down to the page break ***

I am a big fan of Memorial Day and not just because we get a day off work. Because it is a day that reminds us of all the brave men and women of our military who have made the ultimate incredible sacrifice for the love of their country! It is also a day that reminds me of my Grandfather who was a WWII vet and someone who was very proud of the America that he and millions of others fought for. This day makes me feel good to think about the past and what our country used to symbolize to the rest of the world and the pride that came with it.

Unfortunately, Memorial Day also makes me realize that all those glowing symbols are quickly becoming a distant memory. It pained me this morning to see North Korea launched 7 more missiles as they advance their nuclear program one more step. Then, completely unrelated, Iran sent 6 war ships into International waters to do nothing more than flex their military muscles. All this followed by reports from Israel that Iran is receiving Uranium from Venezuela and Bolivia because lefty Dictator Hugo Chavez hates Capitalism and the United States. And the reason this pains me is because America will be standing on the sidelines as the U.N. issues strongly worded letters to the offending countries that will result in no action taken. It pains me because we used to be a country that would speak softly and carry a big stick but under this current administration we are a country that speaks profusely and carries a wet noodle. And mostly, it pains me because I know my Grandfather would be very disgusted with the way this administration is trying to "change" the America that he thought he was preserving for future generations.

I know this is a fitness blog but it is MY fitness blog and I needed to get that off of my chest. I usually try and stay away from Politics on this blog but, as you can probably tell, I follow both Politics and World Events very closely and passionately. Comment if you like, but unlike 54% of the voters in this country, come prepared because I will be.


Today's workout:

My Triathlon is the first week of August. In Central Texas the average temp is about 95 degrees and humid as hell. This will not hurt me swimming because I'm staying cool in the water. Or Cycling because of the wind blowing in your face while going 20 MPH. But running? It maybe and issue! So, I was going to run this morning while it was 68 degrees but decided to wait until the middle of the day to see how I handled the heat. I started at 3:30 and the temperature was 90 degrees and the sunny was large in the sky. I was already sweating about 100 yards into the run. My first mile was laborious but I still did it in 8:39 seconds. My Heart Rate though was in the 155-165 (anaerobic) range entirely too much. About 4/10ths of the way into the 2nd mile I bonked something bad. The Garmin had my HR at 174 BPM so I slowed considerably - almost to a brisk walk. The 2nd mile was completed in 12:22 - by far my worst mile since I have began running. And I was soaking wet with sweat and feeling whipped out. Midway through the 3rd mile I had already swigged all the water from my two 10oz Nathans water bottles and was wanting more. I completed the 3rd mile in 10 minutes flat and immediately slammed a P90X recovery drink and about 4 additional glasses of water.

My little experiment showed me that the extreme heat is going to do a number on my body and I need to be prepared. A few things I plan to focus on are: (1) Hydration before the runs are going to be monitored closely. I usually do a good job of drinking a ton of water or green tea each day but on running days I am going to track each bottle. (2) Training in the heat is also going to have to become more frequent. (3) Scrape the Treadmill. As the weather is getting warmer here I have been planning on hitting the treadmill but after today the treadmill is going to have to be a reward and not the norm - looks weird typing this because I hate the Treadmill! My body needs to be prepared for a hot day on August 2nd and training indoors is not going to accomplish that. It is going to be hard and I am going to have to punish myself some, but if it was easy everyone one would do it, right?

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  1. Been reading your blog for a few months and have never commented before but wanted you to know that was a great post and really resonated with me. I am a couple of years older than you (and on day 70 of P90X) and both of my grandfathers were in WWII and they would not like what Obama and Pelosi are doing to the country. Kim Jung Il and the crazy from Iran needed to be stopped before they launch a nuclear weapon. The UN does not care about what is in the best interest of the United States and if we rely on the UN things are not going to end well.

    Thanks for the blog and I would enjoy more posts like this!

  2. Thanks Jerry, Don't even get me started on Pelosi .... I could do an entire blog just on her lying about the CIA meetings and the mainstream media not even attempting to do any-type of investigative journalism on the matter.

    This will probably be the last post like this. I have been feeling very frustrated with the direction (misdirection) of the country and then on Memorial Day N.Korea, Iran and Venezuela all go and do something to mess with us. Just set me off.

    Good luck with P90X and please feel free to comment anytime.


  3. I don't get it. Where was this concern and frustration when President Bush began bombing children and torturing people in your name, all the while removing your rights, rights that your Grandfather fought for?
    And now, after 6 disastrous years in Iraq, words are all America has, and Chavez, Kim Jong Ill, Ahmadinejad, Putin, they all know it. It's a shame.
    Anyway, I enjoy your blog and use it to inspire my own P90X trip.

  4. Hey there Jeff...

    I have been purposely training in the heat. It definitely takes a lot out of you.

    Btw, we do think alike in so many ways. I had a blog that I was pretty steady with prior to Obama taking office. I haven't updated it since January. Take a look at it. I think we might have the same basic principles. Click this... Right Wing SquadronGod Bless America!!!

  5. "More Milk, Less Moo" is correct, they don't get it. Fact is, there WAS frustration. But I guess MMLM would rather Hussein have continued to gas his own people, murder entire families of his opposition, violate a whole list of UN charters and sanctions, and fund suicide bombers in Israel...all the while developing...and using, weapons of mass destruction on his own people with the possibility of selling them to the highest bidder.

    America hasn't been attacked since September 11th, but I guess that isn't good enough for some folks. However...there are some ex-Gitmo "detainees" coming to a neighborhood near you. Aw...that should give you some comfort shouldn't it? Perhaps they'll be joined by their compadres crossing our unguarded, wide-freakin'-open borders. At least they don't pay taxes, clog our public schools, and get free health care.

    Man!! After all that, I need my recovery drink! My heart rate monitor just fizzed off my wrist!

    PS: Sorry Jeff...I'll be P90X'ing it from here on out.

  6. Thanks for the patriotic comments. It is sad that so many Americans are blinded by the "great one." Our liberties will be taken away and what we fought for so many times in the past will not be here. God speed brother.

  7. " ... we are a country that speaks profusely and carries a wet noodle."

    My morning coffee flew out of my nose while reading that one!

    I live in AZ and training in the extreme temperatures is a must. Just be sure to drinks tons of water and smear on the sunscreen.

  8. Milk,

    "Torturing people" and waterboarding known terrorists are two completely different things.

    As a matter of fact I have no problem with locking Islamic extremists away at Gitmo. If they have information that can save the lives of Americans and hooking them up to a car battery is going to get them to sing then all I can say about that is black is negative and red is positive!

    My problem with the left is that they believe we need to run some sort of PR campaign to clean up our image with the rest of the world (ie: Obama's apology tour last month) and after that we can all sit around the camp fire and roast marsh mellows together and chuckle about our differences.

    That is not reality. Reality is that no matter what we say or the amount of money we give or the compassion we express - certain groups of people are going to hate us and want us to no longer exisit. Crazy sometimes cannot be reasoned with. Hence being crazy.

    I could go on but Steve (Boxcarvibe)pretty much summed it up nicely above!

  9. Boomer, Steve, and Ryan .. Thanks for the comments.

    Steve - I hope your Heart Rate monitor survived your attack on the keyboard!

    Boomer - Checked out the blog and our principles are 100% aligned. Heck, I had to check that I wasn't the author of a few of you posts!!! Especially the ones about Unions and the Stimulus packages!

  10. About waterboarding... I was in the military for a long time (about 100 years ago). I have witnessed waterboarding first hand. While it causes a lot of anxiety... it does not come close to the definition of torture. In the unit I was in, we even waterboarded our own people so that we could deal with it ourselves if it ever came to it.

    Heck, journalists and left wing activists have been YouTubing waterboarding as part of their protests. In fact, more American journalists and left wing activists have been waterboarded than terrorists. So what's the beef!

    Frankly, the security of this country is way more important to me than a few terrorists who would like nothing more than to kill Americans with extreme violence.

    On a lighter note... I knocked out chest, shoulder and triceps today! :-))!

  11. I read that we were actually making the detainees at Gitmo shave their beards. When I heard this the feeling I had was nothing short of OUTRAGE. When you are a prisoner of the USA you are supposed to be treated with respect and dignity and steak dinners. I am so thankful that the ACLU stepped in and ended this barberic practice!