Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 25: Rest Day

Well I didn't want to take the scheduled Rest Day but I had no choice. I left the house at 7am this morning and just got back about a 1/2 hour ago (8:30pm). I still would have tried to go to the pool but I needed dinner first and I;m completely exhausted! Oh well, the Rest Day was scheduled so I can't be too upset but I really wanted to Swim!

My nutrition was still solid today despite the late dinner. And I am starting to feel the energy from the Nitrix and Cell Mass so that is exciting.

I believe that I have Swimming scheduled for tomorrow.

Thanks for Reading,



  1. Ahh! The much needed rest day. Actually, I get anxious on rest day and I just want to train or workout, but, we really know that our body needs the rest.

  2. Are you taking Cellmass twice daily or just once?

  3. Steve,

    I am taking it twice a day. Usually around 2 pm and 8pm. I have been taking the P90X recovery drink after and during some of my workouts.