Sunday, May 10, 2009

Triathlon Training Days 19, 20, & 21: WORK

I am back folks. The last three days at the convention were very long and tiring and I am glad to be home! As mentioned in the last post I was unable to get in any long workouts. On Friday morning I did ARX and that was it. Overall I was able to eat pretty clean. On Friday night I had a few chicken wings and a few glasses of beer. I really didn't want to but the options were only chicken wings and beer! The rest of the time I was able to find grilled chicken salads or fish so I don't feel too bad today.

The heat has dug its way into Texas already. The last 3 days in San Antonio the temperature was 98 degrees! When I got back to Houston last night it was 84 degrees at 9pm! Today's high is supposed to be 92. I might have to start utilizing the treadmills at the gym and get myself an indoor trainer for my bike.

I am going to get in a bike ride today unless it begins to rain and if that happens I will head over to the indoor pool!



  1. Man, I do not miss living in south Texas!! That heat doesn't sound fun at all!

    I'm actually jealous of your chicken wings and beer night! Yum!

    I'm sure you'll get back into full training mode and all will be well. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Christina - I am still feeling guilty about the wings!!

    It is hot right now - supposed to cool down a little but July and August are going to be brutal.

  3. Welcome home! Man, it is looks like you are in for a hot training season!