Monday, May 11, 2009

Triathlon Training Day 23: Swimming & Ab Ripper X

I am officially at the 12 week point until my Triathlon and I am feeling really good about my training. When I decided that I was going to do a Triathlon I set two goals for myself: #1 - Just Finish the Race; and #2 - When I am at the starting line do not have the thought that I should have trained more! I figure if I make sure #2 happens than #1 will take care of itself!

This afternoon I went to the gym and decided to push it pretty hard in the pool. First I went to the aerobic area and did Ab Ripper X. I did 40 reps on every move except Fifers, Oblique Raises, and Heels to the Heavens - only the standard 25 on these! I was pretty sweaty after that and then went to the pool.

Now that I am getting better at my freestyle technique the next step is to work on adding some speed! So I started out and swam 10 laps (250 yds) slow to just warm up. After that I decided to use the lap clock and time myself for a hard 10 laps. When I hit the final wall I was at 5 minutes and 15 seconds. I was very pleased with this time. The Triathlon I am competing in has the swim portion measured at 5-- yards. If I can do this in around 10-11 minutes I would be thrilled!

After I sprinted the 10 laps I stayed and worked on my form and did the Total Immersion Drills. I probably did a total of 40 laps today! I am really enjoying swimming.

Tomorrow morning I am getting up early and am going to do my 3.1 Mile Run.

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  1. Hey Jeff,

    Just want to say you're an inspiration! Great job on the training... I know you'll kill the triathlon!

  2. I like your goals. I should make #2 part of mine. I am getting anxiety because I have less than 4 weeks (27 days to be exact).

    Your swimming is coming along great. Although I am slow, I am confident with the swimming portion. I think all those years surfing big waves and being in heavy seas helps me wrap my mind around being in the water. I used to also be a search and rescue crewman so I spent a lot of time in the ocean doing that too (of course that was a very long time ago).

  3. Hey Annie - Thank you for the kind words and quit putting those pictures of chocolate chip bacon cookies on your blog!! LOL!

    Keep up the great work yourself! You are doing awesome!

  4. Damn Boomer you didn't tell me you were half fish going into this Tri stuff!

    I respect the hell out of rescue guys like yourself. Those waters can get extremely dangerous and that takes some balls to do!

    I have a completely irrational fear of sharks so I probably will never be doing the Iron Man in Hawaii. And just when I feel like I am getting over that fear the damn Discovery Channel does Shark Week! However, I am going to the Outer Banks, NC at the end of June and I am going to try and do my swim training in the Atlantic. I've told myself that Great Whites are rare for those waters (so said the mayor of amityville)! (but those Tigers can be worse!)