Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning Ramblings

It is time for my 2 hour ride on the trainer so instead of doing that right now I figured that procrastination is a much better alternative:
  • I am captivated by the race for the open Senate seat in MA and the upcoming Tuesday special election to determine the winner.  As we all know MA is about as "blue" as a state can be in this country and for this reason the DNC pretty much assumed that Democrat Martha Coakley would easily win the election and take over Ted Kennedy's seat. Not so fast - enter Scott Brown.  Brown is the Republican candidate who has come out of nowhere to be the leader in the latest polling results.  The reason this is so interesting is that this election could determine the outcome of the Government run healthcare bill that is being negotiated between Reid and Pelosi right now.  Brown claims he will vote against it, Coakley claims she will vote for it.  The GOP is happy right now no matter the outcome because if an extremely liberal state like MA (home of Barney Frank) is giving a Republican candidate a chance it is really showing the temperature of the country right now and that temperature is HOT!  Anger with reckless government spending, anger with government run healthcare, anger with the utter arrogance and elite attitude of the career politicians in congress.  2010 could be shaping up for the real year of  "Change".

  • My father sent me this link yesterday: Black Bear Den Cam   I am now captivated  by this and I have no idea why?  It is a live feed of a Black Bear named Lily in her den hibernating for the winter.  The bear is supposedly pregnant and ready to give birth to little baby cubs any day now.  I have checked this cam probably five times since last night and the bear is pretty much just sleeping. 

  • Being a native Pittsburgher and a huge Steelers fan it was very satisfying to watch the Colts smack the Ravens in the mouth and knock them out of the playoffs.  And Ravens fan - Joe Flacco is not Big Ben so quite making those comparisons.

  • Last night Annie and I watched, "The Hurt Locker".  I am not sure how I felt about this movie?  I did not love it but did not hate it either.  The actors were very good in their roles and the directing was captivating and realistic. It gave you a lot to think about but overall is was rather forgettable as a whole.   Believe it or not the realism angle of the film hurt the story, IMO.  Or more accurately the lack of a story.  The plot was all over the place because their really wasn't one.  It was pretty much just the perspective of the three member bomb squad and the struggles each had with the job that could kill any of them at any time.  The tension in the film was palpable and kudos to the director for pulling this off.  The real problem for me was that we didn't have enough back story about the 3 main characters to have any connection with them.  They tried to pull this together toward the end but it was a little too late.  Conversation between Annie and I during the movie:  Annie: "Is this movie ever going to end?"  Jeff: "um, the DVD player says it has only been on for 1:38"  Annie:  "What are you doing?"  Jeff: "Checking my email."

  • The earthquake in Haiti was/is a horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to all those affected.  However, the 24/7 coverage by the cable news channels is completely over the top right now.  They all are already running promos on how they were, "There first in Haiti!!!" and blah, blah, blah.  Why not get the hell out of the way and let the rescue and relief efforts take place without you getting in the way asking a million questions?

  • Tonight Jack Bauer is going to be welcomed back in to our lives with open arms.  I am downright giddy to watch Jack kick the crap out of some "bad guys".
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  1. Ha! I saw that black bear cam as well, I found it equally fascinating. Cheers!

  2. Yeah, I'm watching the race in MA with baited breath.

    I heard a great statement the other day, that once a ruling body requires you to do something, you've lost your freedom to do that something. We have the right to vote, but we're not fined if we don't. This healthcare bill requires you (and me) to buy health care insurance, but we're fined if we don't.

    That's not freedom. Nor is it Constitutional.

    The Democrat party may use the "nuclear option"...but in the end, I truly believe this will be challenged in the Supreme Court and ruled unconstitutional.

  3. Jennifer, wife and I keep checking the bear. It moved a bunch of sticks in front of the webcam but you can still see it. I feel like this is the "Truman Show" except the Animal Planet version!

    Steve - Whatever happens in MA is going to lead to tons of talking heads screaming at each other on TV and radio that is for sure. The nuclear option, if initialed, could ruin the careers of many democrats for decades --- bring it on -- you think the "tea party" crowd is mad now? this would create anarchy.

    btw - yes, i changed the header on the blog. I found a picture of a carrot on a string and thought it appropriate! It just happen to fit in nicely on the header!

  4. Hey....found your blog via Jennifers. Love your Sunday rambles, how refreshing! Look forward to reading your triathlon journey!

  5. Wow, now that my trip is over I can catch up on my reading!

    That race for the MA seat was awesome. I was reading about an interview on the internet where President Obama gave his assessment of the MA race... he blamed Bush! Check it out - click here