Sunday, January 3, 2010

Week Three, Day Seven: 11.75 Mile Run

Okay, back on the saddle again!  Except I wasn't really on my bike saddle.  More like back on the Asics again ... that does not sound as good.  Oh well ... I ran today!

I was healthy enough to get in a nice long run with Annie.  According to my training plan I was scheduled to do a 1.5 hour Bike ride.  But since I have not followed the plan due to being sick for the last five days I decided to get the heck out of the house and go running.  Annie was scheduled to do 15 miles today and she did them all. She is just a marathon training machine right now.  We ran by the car at 11.75 miles and I decided to stop right there.  Both of my knees were barking and I didn't want to risk hurting myself anymore so I reluctantly stopped.  My overall energy was still very good and I could have completed the 15 miles if it were not for my knees.  The fact is that I did some pretty good damage to my legs, knees in particular, when I ran the 50k trail race.  The last 5 miles of that race did a number on me and it is taking a lot of time to heal.   They are getting better each day that passes and I need to keep running until things are back to normal.

We had the car parked at a Walgreens and I jumped in and turned on the heat because it was freezing outside.  It felt so good to warm up.  Then I drove over to Subway and picked us up some turkey subs and then went back to get Annie.  I also picked up a bag of ice. Why ice you ask?  Because I dumped it into my tub and took an ice bath.  Ice baths are absolutely brutal.  They hurt like hell but man do they ever work!  My knees started to feel better almost instantly.  I have been icing intermittently throughout the day and am icing  again right now.  Hopefully this will help me to be able to run tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a 40 minute swim and a 40 minute run.  I am going to do the swim in the afternoon and the run in the late evening to give myself some more time to recover from today.  I am looking forward to killing it this week since I am finally over being sick!

Thanks for Reading,


p.s. - I am not ready to talk about football yet.  Freaking Steelers.


  1. I am impressed with you long run! I saw your tweet and remembered my long running days. The knee thing just sound too familiar to me.

    Hope you knee heals up soon.

  2. Ice bath! Holy cow I can barely stand to put an ice pack on my achilles, much less sit in an entire tub of ice are hardcore man! Good job on the training.