Monday, January 25, 2010

Week Seven, Day One: 9.32 Mile Run 1.5 Hrs

This week is going to be a tough one!  I had to change my training schedule around because I am traveling for work on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I should be able to run early on Thursday and Friday mornings but Saturday is a half day of meetings and then a 4.5 hour drive back to Houston. 

So today I was scheduled to do a 1.5 hour run.  I wanted to do it before work but was having some stomach issues when I woke up so that didn't happen.   I got home around 6pm and immediately put on the Asics and hit the road.  The plan called for this to be an easy RPE 2 run and that is what I did.  My pace was only 10:09/mile as I did 9.32 miles in 1:34.   It was a little hard to hold back but I was already pretty much exhausted from a crummy sleep last night and a long day in the car so taking it easy was the smart thing to do.

Tomorrow is an hour on the trainer in the morning and then 45 minutes in the pool after work.

That's all I got tonight - off to bed!  Oh, not really digging "24" right now.  Can't put a finger on why yet?

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  1. Re-arranging your training schedule around your job. Hey, you need to get your priorities straight! LOL!!!

    I have no idea how folks find time to train for an Iron Man!

  2. Boomer, we're watching it happen "live"!

    Jeff, by the looks of it, you're headed to a trade show, right? Yeah, tough to train during those times since there are possible business meeting over meals.

    I'm watching "24" for the first time, but the wife and son are vets. They're not enthralled with this season either, but as usual they're freakin' out at the end and can't wait a week. In my day, shows like "Adam 12", "Dragnet", and "FBI" all had their cases solved by the end of the show. Jack Bauer can't get it done in a season. He's so weak.

  3. Boomer - I have no idea how people to the IM training. That is usually 15-20hrs per week. It is like having a part-time job. Well, if this year goes well with the 1/2 IM in November then I am considering find out first hand how to make it work (-:

  4. Steve - Actually have a Regional Training Session in Dallas. We have a bunch of new products coming and this give the product managers a chance to give us all the proper training. But when you get a group of meatheads together it tends to turn into some long nights!

    As for 24, you will see that everyone around Jack is incompetent. If they would all just listen to Jack Bauer than all the worlds problems would be solved with a few hollow point bullets in only a few minutes!

  5. Steve... you know I predicted that Jeff would eventually do the Iron Man. That prediction is money in the bank! Btw, life was so much more simple during the Dragnet days. You found relief at the end of a show. When you watch 24 its like getting a wound up at the end with no release.

    Jeff... no matter how ridiculous 24 gets, I still watch it. When they leave you hanging at the end of the show, they got you!

  6. haha Boomer! You did call it .. but if it does happen it won't be until 2011, say maybe November 2011 in Cozumel. I have to make it through this year of 1/2 IM training and then the 1/2 IM on Nov 7th first. So far this workload hasn't been too bad, I think if I keep it up I will be able to add more volume slowly and not get burned out.

  7. I remember your prediction. My money is on it. Since his pugs won't grow up and go to school, have football practices, Scout meetings, or other time-sapping functions (other than vacuuming hair), time is on his side! :)

    BTW Jeff...I once had a beagle/husky mix. Talk about shedding. Just his undercoat shedding rivaled any barbershop trash can.