Friday, January 22, 2010

Week Six, Day Five: 1000 Meter Swim

Thanks for the votes on the what to do on Saturday.  The overwhelming majority thinks I should HTFU and do both the 5K race and the 2 hour bike ride.  And I really liked the suggestion by fellow Tri Blogger Big Daddy Diesel:

I would do both, even if I had to drop it into granny and wuss my way thru the ride. Then you can brag about this kick arse brick session you did.
So the race is tomorrow at 8am in The Woodlands. The best part about this race is that it is done every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month and only costs a dollar to run. I hope it is cool so I can do it again in the future.  I figure I'll be home by 9am and can have a nice big breakfast with the wife and then strap the bike to the back of the car and go to Huffman and ride this 25 mile course.  It is already downloaded onto the Garmin 305 so the prep work will be rather limited!

My PR in a 5k is 22:43 and that was back in September last year.  A lot of miles have been put on the legs since then so I am hopeful that a 21:30ish can be achieved.  Be back tomorrow with my race report.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Have a good race tomorrow! I'm hoping to crack 23:00 for a 5km this year, but am definitely not there yet :)

  2. Hey, have a great race. I was pretty sure you would do both! I will be routing for you.

  3. Have a great race Jeff! Your transformation into a devoted triathlete has been fun to watch.

  4. Only $1!! That's fun, have a great race!