Friday, January 8, 2010

Week Four, Day Five: 45 minutes on the Trainer

Spent 45 minutes on the trainer this evening while watching District 9.   The time on the trainer was made so much more bearable because the movie was awesome!  I had a couple of friends tell me to watch this one so I stopped by the Red Box on the way home from work.  It was completely different from what I thought it was going to be which made it even better.  I don't want to give the plot away (which was one of the most original I have seen in years)  so I will just say it was much better than I thought it would be and I hope a sequel is in the works!

Anyways, Annie and I are running in the USA Fit Half Marathon on Sunday.  We are going to stay at the Town Center Marriott (yeah Marriott points!) in Sugarland tomorrow night - it is right by the starting line which is important because it is going to be freezing on Sunday morning.  The temperature is going to be between 18-22 degrees at the 7:00 am starting time.  That is an extremely cold morning for us Houstonians!  With the Hotel being right next to the start line we can stay in the warm room until right before the gun.

So, I went out and got my hands on some cold weather gear today.  First, I already have Under Armor Heat Gear Running Tights.  They are pretty gay looking but have been so nice to wear during this cold snap.  Today I picked up a Nike Pro Thermal Mock Neck - this maybe the most comfortable shirt I have ever worn.  Got one for both Annie and myself - we are going to be that annoying wardrobe coordinated couple -puke.  This base layer it is going to be very warm, yet not bulky at all.  I also picked up a new pair of Asics 2140's and they were on sale for half off.  I love the last year model sales!  For the race I have a Nike knit hat and some gloves and will put a tech tee over the mock neck.  I hope this is enough!

As for my race strategy, the plan is to treat it as a training day.  I am going to run at a nice easy pace and try not to push it.  My legs are still not a 100% healthy and with my Tri training I have been putting on a lot of miles.  With that in mind and the fact that if I run hard I will lose a few days of training to recovery - this is probably the smart approach to take.  It should be fun to see if I can actually stick to this plan and hold back the competitive idiot that is me.

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  1. I was considering District 9, but I had no idea what it was about. Anyway, I will have to watch it after that great report.

    The best of luck on your half marathon, especially in that cold weather. I like running in cool weather, but 20 degrees is way out of my league. I am a cold weather wimp. I actually went through cold weather survival training in the military. It sucked!

    I just bought my son some Under Armor cold weather tights and tops for his football tournament in Las Vegas. Man, that stuff is costly. Btw, I can tell you are a full fledged runner/triathlete. You are beginning your athletic shoe collection.

    Hope you can stick to your race strategy. Its a good one. Don't let meat head syndrome get the best of you.

  2. "...meat heat syndrome." LOL!

    Jeff, I hope you and Annie have a great race. Enjoy it. All that new gear will be fun to put to use.

    PS: It's 11-degrees as a write here in Atlanta. I'll betcha Boomer's chuckling in his shorts right now...