Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week Seven, Day Seven: 1hr Bike + Recaps

I was able to get in an hour on the trainer today.  I did a few intervals in the middle of the ride and overall the workout was solid.  My movie today was Watchmen and everyone knows the trainer goes by so much faster when you have a good movie!  Well, Watchmen made the hour ride seem like four hours - it was that bad.  It was extremely long and just boring as all hell.   Not to mention the story was just stupid.  Such a disappointment.

I had a pretty solid January with my training.  Here are the totals:

Run - 11h 27m 11s - 73.93 Mi
Bike - 14h 01m - 243 Mi
Swim - 5h 15m - 12000 M
Total Time:  30hrs 43mins

February should be a solid month as well.  I have a couple of evening CE courses scheduled for work and they are local.  On Feb 13th and 14th we will be in Austin for the Austin Marathon so that is a training weekend and my my parents are visiting that weekend so maybe a day or two might be missed.  Looking to up the hours to the 35-37 range.

According to my training plan tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day.  Considering that I missed Friday I might try to get a run in tomorow.

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  1. I have Watchman on my DVR that I was saving specifically for a trainer ride! Thanks for the warning!

  2. What is your goal for the 1/2 Jeff?

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am not even going to tell you the movies I watched. They weren't as bad as The Watchmen, but they were pretty bad. I just look at it as mental training...

  3. JF - Watchmen just sucked. i usually like the movies like that too. I got through my ondemand and DVR movies that I want to watch on the trainer ... pretty good system ... too bad this movie didnt cooperate.

  4. Hey Mike,

    Not too sure yet of my 1/2 goals yet. I have an Oly in April and then will being to focus on the Nov 1/2. But I am sure you can tell by my volume that I am already doing a 1/2 IM training program!

  5. Ok, scratch the Watchman off my list... check!

    Great training month. Looking forward to you Feb training!