Sunday, January 24, 2010

Week Six, Day Seven: Rest Day + Wk Six Recap + Sunday Morning Ramblings

With a rest day scheduled week 6 of my 20 week HIM Training program is in the books. Here is a recap of another decent training week:

Planned Training:
Swim - 2hr 15mins
Bike - 3hr 45mins
Run - 2hr 15mins
Totals - 8hr 15mins

Actual Training:
Swim - 1hr 50mins (4500M)
Bike - 3hr 8mins (57.10 Mi)
Run - 2hr 11mins (15.09 Mi)
Totals - 7hr 9mins (72.19 Mi + 4500m)

Not bad overall.  I came up about an hour short and that was from yesterday's bike ride getting cut due to rain and a shortened swim on Friday because of my poor time management.  But this is still a nice solid week especially since I was able to get in a 5k race.

Sunday Morning Ramblings:

  • Race fees have become outrageous.  I finally signed up last night for the Lone Star Oly Tri in Galveston this April 24th.  The cost of the race was $125.  That is no at all cheap.  But to make it even worse the site that I had to use to sign up for the race,, charged a $9 administration fee.  Just needed to vent!

  • I lived in Pennsylvania for my first 24 years so I have always known that Senator Arlen Specter is a complete and utter douche bag.  Now after he condescendingly and rather arrogantly told Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann to, "Act like a lady" during a recent radio interview the rest of the country can now see the a-hole that is Arlen Specter.  If you haven't heard this exchange Click Here for the audio and prepare to be offended.

  • is a wonderful site with excellent training tools.  I am a Silver member and am using the 1/2 IM Training plan available to members.  This week I have to go to Dallas for work Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  I was able to go to the BT planned calendar and make all the appropriate changes and tweaks to make the training fit my schedule.  It was so easy to do!  The membership is by far the best bargain in the sport of Triathlon!

  • The amount of shedding that my two pugs do is just astounding.  They each seem to shed an entire pug daily.  Wearing black clothes is in my house is very difficult because you will leave with fawn pug hair all over you.

  • My triathlon addiction has taken quite the toll on my backyard.  It is just ugly.  The porch had junk all over it and yesterday I found three huge fire ant mounds.  I poured some fire ant killer around the mounds but they are too big to probably kill so drastic action is about to be taken.  Hello fire ants, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Mr. Gasoline and his companion Mr. Match.  Yes, I am a 12 year old!

  • Is anybody else upset with the way our government has handled the Christmas underwear bomber?  I mean they let this terrorist lawyer up before they even interrogated him?  What the hell is a matter with us?  These fundamentalist crazies spend their lives trying to figure out ways to murder Americans and we treat them just like any other criminal?  If I hear another ACLU hippie tell me we are a "nation of laws" and we are "no better than the terrorists if we treat them poorly" I seriously am going to punch them in the head.  We are at war.  Wake the F up!

  • It is very hard not to root for Drew Brees and the Saints.  Especially with all that area has been through with Katrina and the ongoing recovery and how involved he has been with the efforts.  And I really do not know if I can handle a Favre VS Manning Superbowl.  The media slobbering all over themselves would be almost unbearable and could force a diehard football fan like myself to vomit in my own mouth.  If the Vikes win I will immediately remove Peter King (SI Writer) from my Twitter account because his Favre love, which is only rivaled by John Madden, would be too much to take!

  • My infatuation with Lily the Black Bear has not been quelled since the cub arrived.  I saw the cub yesterday!  It was tiny!  It started to crawl in the upper right hand of the screen and Lily reached her big paw up and pulled it back down to her.  It was pretty cool. 
I hope everyone has a great Sunday!

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  1. Holy cow, that entrance fee is high! Is it cheaper if you sign up earlier?

    I think Michelle handled that very well. Actually, today she said that Specter called her and apologized. I guess he listened to a recording of the interview and realized what a butt he was.

    Yeah, I am upset with the way our government is handling the undie bomber. I mean, we now have to Marandadize this terrorist. Where is that "punch in the head" guy from the ACLU? I need to take a swing at him too.

    Although, I was rooting for the Vikings, I have to admit that Brees outplayed Favre. I will be rooting for the Saints in the Superbowl! Peter King has a "man crush" on Favre.

  2. Boomer - yeah, it was $25 less if you would have signed up before Jan 1st. I didn't realize that and it cost me..oh well.

    Specter is as good as gone come November. And I like Bachmann. She seems to have a clear head and articulates the conservaive message very well. And that she-devil pelosi hates Michelle so she is ok in my book!