Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Week Five, Day Three: 45 Minutes Swim + 40 Minutes Run (4.5 Mi)

First off the Official Results are in for the USA Fit Half Marathon (click to see) we did on Sunday. 

Annie - Overall 111/841 - Age Group 10/184 - 2:01:26
Jeff - Overall 78/841 - Age Group 21/64 - 1:56:33

We both had a lot of fun and are looking to improve at Austin on Feb 14th!

As for today's workouts I ended up having a solid one.  First I hit the pool and got in 2000M of aquatics fun.  Started out doing 1000M around an RPE 4-5.  Then I did 250M of drills.  Followed by 500M of easy laps (RPE 2-3) focusing on form and then a cool down of 250M.  The water was freaking cold in the pool again.  They must be having trouble with the heater again.  I couldn't find the manager to complain and I was in a hurry to get out of there so hopefully they will have it fixed.

This evening I was schedule to do an easy 30 minute run.  The temperature was an absolutely glorious 62 degrees which meant I could run in shorts!  I still put on a long sleeve DriFit shirt but it was so nice to run in shorts again.  I put on the iPod and took off through the neighborhood and ended up in one of those "zones" or "trances" thinking about work and training.  Next thing I know I am on the other side of the neighborhood and my Garmin tells me I am already at 30 minutes.  So, I figured just keep going and ended up doing 4.5 miles in 40 minutes.  That is a pace just under 9 minutes per mile.  Which is perfect for an easy run!

Tomorrow is an early morning one hour run and then after work a half hour at the pool.

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  1. I love it when you get in that zone while running, I do not get it enough!

  2. Thank guys - JF it is amazing at how elusive that zone can be :)

  3. ps ... it is darn near non-existant on the treadmill!

  4. Great job! That looks like a pretty busy training schedule. You'll meet your goals for sure.

  5. Thanks Skip .... Doing the 1/2 IronMan Training plan from .... it is keeping me busy!