Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week Five, Day Six: 23 Minute Tempo Run

Why only 23 minutes you ask? 

My wife Annie and I set out for a nice little afternoon run.  She was planning on doing 5 miles per her Hal Higdon Marathon training and I was going to tick off the 30 minutes called for on my BT 1/2 Ironman plan.  My run was a tempo run today so I started off at a much quicker pace then her.  Since the run was a short one I headed off on the sidewalk of the main road of the neighborhood.  It is .75 mile down and .75 back.  Then I head into another section and run all the cul-de-sacs and start to head back towards the house. 

Well, as I was headed back I see Annie walking with a limp.  After yesterdays run she said she was having a little pain on the inside of her left knee about midway up on the knee.  She iced and took some advil and said it was feeling much better today so she wanted to try and run.  About a mile in the pain came back and she decided to hobble on home.

When I saw her I was right at 2.9 miles and instead of continuing on for a few minutes I decided go walk back with her.  So I sprinted over to her ending my run at exactly 23 minutes and 3.0 miles which is about a 7:40ish pace.  I had some work to do so I left the house and she spent the day on RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate) duty.  On my way back I stopped at the Academy Sporting Goods and found a Nike Knee Compression Sleeve for her.  She has it on now and says it feels pretty good.  Her marathon is on Feb 14th so we are hopeful this is just a minor tweak and she can be back training in a few days.  It would be very disappointing for her to have to miss the race after all these hard months of training.

We are watching BAL vs Colts right now and are going to watch, "The Hurt Locker" on DVD as soon as this game is decided.  I am excited to see this movie.  Some of my friends have said it is awesome. 

I'll have a full movie review tomorrow:

Tomorrow is a 2hr ride on the indoor trainer!!!!  Picked up "Inglorious Basterds" to watch then!

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  1. IB is just ok...and I think it was longer then 2 hours, so you may get in a few extra minutes on the bike! Hope Annie's knee feels better!

  2. Peyton Manning is magic. I'm awestruck. I saw Elway and "the drive" live and I haven't seen anything close until the last two minutes of the 1st half. Not sure how this will end. Too bad it didn't come in the 4th Qtr.

    I hope Annie's knee feels better soon. RICE is nice and you can't go wrong with that. logo?

  3. Sorry to hear about Annie's knee. Now I always identify with those that injure their knees.

    Dude, that was a fast 3 miles.

    I can't wait t read about your movie review.

  4. Manning is pretty amazing. He used to have the happy feet when he was younger but now he is so calm and collected.

    Annie thinks her knee is doing better. She is going to take a fews days off to RICE.

    Inglorious Basterds is going to be the trainer movie today!

    Boomer, that was the first time I have really "opened it up" since my 50k run. It felt good and my legs are almost back to 100%, almost. I want to go race a 5k someplace to see what I can do? I am thinking 21:00 is not that crazy.

  5. 21 is definitely do-able for you. I remember posting a long time ago that you will do 20 minute 5ks. I can't wait for the sub-20s. That is another prediction that I can bank upon.