Wednesday, February 18, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 31: Back, Biceps, and ARX

I totally forgot just how great the Back & Biceps workout is ... Bicep, Bicep, Back, Forearms ...repeat. This is just a killer workout. And the corn-cobb pull-ups are back in my life. I forgot how ridiculous these are ... basically you do a semi-wide grip pull-up. While at the top you move left and then move right and then bring your head towards the bar again. I am able to do four of these before I have to put my foot on the chair to get a few more reps.

Today ARX was one of my better efforts. I felt very strong going into it. Fifer Scissors is always my gauge of how ARX is going to go. If I start to feel the pain around rep 7 or 8, I know it is going to be a long few minutes. But today I didn't start to feel the burn until around rep 16 so it was all down hill from there. I struggled a little with the left side oblique raises and had to pause for a second but crushed it from there on out. Even made it through the Mason Twists!

I had another decent nutrition day today. The job had me leaving early again so I had a protein shake on the road. Around 11am I had a Balance Bar and an Atkins Protein drink. Lunch was a Turkey sub on wheat from Subway. I had a Pure Protein Bar for a snack in the afternoon and then for dinner we had grilled chicken on whole wheat pasta. I also got in my 9 Nitrix tablets and two servings of Cell Mass. A little high on my carb intake but overall pretty clean eating!

Tomorrow is Yoga Day. I am planning on doing Yoga as of now but Cardio X may make an appearance instead!

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  1. Back and biceps is a great workouts. Although I wonder about towel and corn cob pull-ups!!!

    Good job on the fifer scissors! I think this is the single most talked about exercise in ARX!

    ARX... when I first started P90X, I really had a tough time with ARX. Now it is one of my most favorite P90X workouts. I actually look forward to it.

    Good luck with yoga tomorrow. I am trying to get myself mentally prepared to do it. It is my least favorite workout!

  2. I used to call Fifer Scissors my nemesis! You are so right about ARX, it used to be the hardest thing in the world to do and now, it is still difficult, but in a good way!