Saturday, February 14, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 26: Core Synergistics

Greetings y'all!

Sorry I didn't post last night. After a long day we decided to watch a movie and promptly passed out on the couch. Yesterday was a productive day overall. I did the Core Synergistic workout around 6am and it is still one of my favorites. This workout just tears down your body from top to bottom. I used 15lb dumbbells for the lung-kickback-curl-press move and I was hurting after that!

After the workout I had a protein shake and a whole grain bagel. Then I was off to work and took a pure protein bar and a half gallon jug of water with me. Lunch was a chicken sandwich on wheat that I packed and then another pure protein bar for the snack on my way home in the car.

I got home around 4:30 and my wife had the day off so she decided we needed to clean up on one of our spare guest rooms. Here in Texas most houses do not have basements. This means we do not have the storage areas for all our junk and most people either store it in the garage, attic, or get a rental unit. Well, we choose "none of the above" and decided to store everything in an empty spare bedroom. So, over a 4-year period this room has accumulated everything from Christmas decorations to unwanted furniture. It was a disaster. The room is 12x14 and we could barely walk into it. We decided the majority of it would go into either the attic or trash and what was left over would go to an upcoming yard sale. I had no idea how hard it would be to carry all this stuff into the attic! It was like I got in another P90X workout by doing this. I was beat. at around 8pm I threw some steaks on the grill and had broccoli and long grain rice with the steak and then I hit the couch - good night!

Tonight I am scheduled to do Yoga to finish off my recovery week and I just might do it! Yoga twice in a week is difficult for me but I could use the stretched out feeling that comes with the Yoga workout.

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**Ps ... I Tivo'd the new Beach Bodies workout infomercial called: ChaLean Extreme. Going to watch it a little later today and if it looks good it may be my next Workout Program to blog about? **


  1. Jeff:

    Congrats on doing those lunge-kickbacks-etc's with 15 lbs's. After two or three reps, they feel like 50's.

    Legs and Back yesterday was awesome. I brought it like never before, and I'm so, 9th Grade football sore. However, I still ripped out Yoga X this morning and, using our conversation a few days ago as motivation, pulled off those Warrior III's to Half Moon twists, on both sides. It tweren't pretty, but I did 'em. I'm finding a weekend bout with Yoga X, then an off-day on Sunday, is just what I need.

    The Chalean Extreme infomercial, if its the same one that's on YouTube, is looking quite interesting. Working with heavy weights, doing slow reps, is what that program is least from what I've seen. If there's a video thats longer than the 1.5 minute version on YouTube, I'd like to see it.

  2. L like the "9th grade football sore" comment! I remember those days. Three-a-day workouts, full contact ... the next day you could barely move ...LOL

    Keep up the great work with Yoga. About 80% of my yoga is "not pretty" but all you can do is your best (and forget the rest!)

    The ChaLean Extreme has an informercial out and I watched it this morning. If you have Tivo just do a search. I think i found it on the E! Network. I getting ready to do cardio X (can't do Yoga again!) and then I will post about it. Seems interesting. I have a few questions thought ... Charlene reads the blog every now and again so may she can help and answer a few. We are also Twitter buddies so I might send them to her?

  3. I pulled up the 30-minute Chalean Extreme infomercial on YouTube last night (in 10 minute segments of course).

    I agree...they really focus on weight loss and fat loss rather than muscle building and mass. Then again, this product is being marketed to mostly women who are "afraid" to bulk up. My wife is in that category, no matter how often I try to prove otherwise, she won't buy in.

    It's different, thats for sure. I wonder how the first phase, "BURN", dovetails with someone just coming out of P90X. Here we are, all fit and trimmed, starting over again with slow basic movements. Perhaps thats what the body needs.

    PS...I'm still sore from Friday's L&B...I might do X-Stretch today to loosen up.