Wednesday, February 18, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 30: Plyometrics

After I posted my pics I went upstairs and had an excellent Plyo workout! Plyo is one that will never get old or boring. The beautiful thing about it is that you can modify or add intensity on pretty much every single exercise. Add extra reps or speed, lunge a little deeper, jump a little quicker ... plyo is such a complete workout.

I really tried to push it last night and my legs are feeling it this morning. I have to get on the road in a few minutes but realized I forgot to post my weight and BF% on last night's picture post.

So, on Day 1 I weight 164.4 lbs and my BF% was 17.5%. As of yesterday my weight was 163.8 lbs and my BF% was at 14.5%. Once again I used a digital BF% scale and old fashioned calibers and took the average of the two for my BF%. I'd have like to have gained a little more weight but I am happy with my results so no real complaints!

Tonight I get to do Back & Biceps!

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  1. As a (soon to be next month) 48 year old male, I still play competitive, wood-bat baseball, against former college and pro players. As a SS/2B, I love what Plyo X does for my infield skills. For many of the jumps and leaps, I put on my baseball glove and get at it. This season, I'm hoping that my legs won't wilt like they normally do in the 8th or 9th inning, under 95-degree Southern sun and humidity.

    I did Back & Biceps this morning and now, 3+ hours later, my arms are still throbbing! But I increased my weight and beat reps from last weeks workout, which is my goal every week. Last week-8 towel pullups total. This week: 13! I have my work cut out for me next week!


  2. Steve, That is awesome to hear about Plyo and baseball. It is amazing what Plyo does for your overall coordination, stamina and agility. I only wish I had a program this good during my football days!

    I haven't attempted the Back and Biceps since my last round of X and this will be my first time with dumbbells. I cannot wait and I hope I can get some gains like yours -- I got a conference call for work that should last about 2 hours and then I am going to hit it hard!

  3. So after 66 days of X Plus here is what I have to say about it......Today was definantly not a good show for me. My shoulder is still bothering me and I have been running way low on stamina latley. I had to keep rewinding the DVD to catch my breathe. Ab ripper went well....I added a 5lb weight to the mason twist portion after I fell off at 35 reps in order to get stronger.....and eventually be able to do all 49 reps. I'm not real sure what is going on with my body but to be blunt the X Plus program doesn't have enough variety. In my opinion Beachbody put it together in a hurry to give P90X graduates something else to buy. I have seen very little progress as of late and I am guessing that it has to do with me doing Upper Plus 2 times a week and Total Body Plus once a week. Unlike P90X where you swap up Chest and Back and Shoulders and Arms after 4 weeks with Back and Biceps and Chest, Shoulders, Triceps. It tells you to keep doing Upper Plus and Total Body Plus. To me this seems kind of silly since one of the core principles behind P90X was muscle confusion....AKA vareity. I have to say that I am unhappy with this program. I found that I began to get bored with Upper Plus very quickly and with no relief in sight it is just kind of depressing. There is no doubt that I have made some progress and am now stronger then when I started however, I feel that with the lack of variety that the gains have not been as big as they had the potential to be. I will go ahead and finish out these 2 1/2 weeks I have left just b/c I am not a quitter but this lack of variety and poorly put together program have been bugging me for some time. I think the workouts are difficult and would be well suited to mix with other P90X DVD's but as a stand alone program it does not impress me and simply doesn't cut it.

    Way to go on cutting the bodyfay and maintaining weight!! I saw those pics. You are looking awesome!

  4. I hear ya about the PLUS man! That is the exact way I felt after two weeks -- you must be going crazy after 9 weeks +!!! I never thought about the lack of "muscle confusion" with the PLUS program but I think you are 100% right.

    However the couple of times I have mixed in Interval X and Total Body Plus during this round of classic has been good. I agree that the best way to utilize the PLUS program is as a compliment to the original and not as a stand alone product.

    Nice job on sticking with it though -- I'd lie to think if I didn't hurt my shoulder I'd still be doing the PLUS but part of me says probably not!