Thursday, February 5, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 18: Interval X

Hmmm .... some of you are probably thinking Day 18 should be Yoga ...Well, you are right it should be. But I had a TON of energy and wanted to really Bring it so I decided to put in Interval X..... and I hate Yoga so this was an easy decision. However, I do recommend sticking to the schedule on your first run through P90X!

If you were wondering .... Interval X is from the P90X PLUS workouts and it makes Plyometrics feel like a casual walk in the park. It is 42 minutes long and you only have one 60 second break with 5 minutes of warm up and 3 minutes of cool down so the actual workout is only 35 minutes. You do a total of 24 different Interval type exercises. Yes, 24 exercises in only 35 minutes is brutal. I burned a total of 495 calories in these 35 minutes and my average heart rate was 156 BPM.

As a side note, my wife Annie decided to try the Interval X workout today. Annie is in very good shape. She does cardio, spinning, and body combat like 4 times a week. She said she was shaking midway through Interval X because it kicked her butt so bad! Much better than Yoga! See is very close to joining this P90X cult!

Tomorrow is Legs, Backs, and Ab Ripper X.

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  1. I just ended my 5th week of P90X (first round). I came across your site and read about the Interval X. Sounds like something I'd like to try. I currently do HIIT (interval training) as part of my doubles. So Interval X is now peaking my interest.

    Btw, I am also journaling my daily P90X workouts too...

  2. Boomer, Thanks for stopping by. Interval X is part of the P90X PLUS series. Overall, I like the original better than the PLUS but a couple of the workouts in the PLUS are excellent and in my opinion make nice additions to mix into my workouts.