Friday, February 27, 2009

P90X Round 2 Day 40: Legs, Back, and Ab Ripper X

No Bonk yet! Energy is still through the roof!

So the low carb/high protein diet is still going strong. I weighed myself this morning and was down another pound and I am still feeling great. I know the Bonk is going to happen soon but I will keep going until it does!

Sidebar: If you have an Academy Sporting Goods store where you live they have Nike compression shorts for only $12.99 -- marked down from $25 -- good deal, thought I would share!

Today's workout was one of my better ones! Last week when I did Legs & Back I posted that it was a very so-so low energy workout. I was upset with the amount of reps that I did on the 8 pullup exercises, which was only 112, down from 136 from the previous Legs & Back workout. However, today when I hit the pullup bar on the first exercise I did 20 reps. Then I did 20 on the next and again and again. All they way until the last switch grip pullup exercise where I crapped out at 16 reps. The total was 156 reps and I felt great afterwards. I also tore right through the Sneaky Lunges which are always brutal. Just a fun, high-energy workout.

Then came ARX and I killed it today. I added extra reps on crunchy frogs, Fifer Scissors, V-Roll-up, and did 50 Mason Twists!! Now, I was exhausted after the Mason Twists but it was a good exhausted!

Nutrition-wise it was also a very good day. My ratio was right at 75% Protein/5% Carbs/20% fat. Very clean day. Grilled Chicken, Veggies and Fruit. If this is your first time reading my blog this is not the recommended P90x Phase approach, I am trying a little experiment for a few days so don't try this if you are following the P90X nutrition guide. The body has a harder time breaking down protein. This means the more protein I eat the more the body has to work. The more it has to work the more fat that is burned. The more fat that is burned means my weight will decrease. Pretty simple actually just not a long term solution to weight loss, but a decent short-term solution to burn a couple extra pounds of belly fat!! (I hope)

Tomorrow is Kenpo X Day. I might substitute in the P90X PLUS Interval workout again to get a better calorie burn. But I also have a long day of work, chores, and yard work planned so I might be tired and just do Kenpo. We will see how I feel!

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  1. 156 pull-ups! Man, that is impressive. I can only do 81 at this point. Now I feel that my goal of 100 is severely wimpy!

    I just got my P90X+ dvd's today. I am previewing the Interval X Plus right now. Looks rough! I am debating whether to integrate it into my phase III workouts.

    How is the abs/core plus workout?

    Project Exercise

  2. Jeff - simply put, you nailed this one! Way to go! It feels so good when you can crank out more reps than your previous workout and move more weight. Twenty pullups is awesome, and doing it what, 4 times? That's kickin' it!

    My ARX was the best I've done to date, but I'm still working on maintaining balance during crunchy frogs.

  3. Thanks guys! I may have overdone it because my legs are a little wobbly this morning!

    Boomer, if you are going to substitute Intervals do it for plyo, both are tough. And I was not very impressed with Abs/Core Plus. I felt ARX was a better overall AB workout, whereas Abs/Core seemed to focus more on overall core. And remeber this is my second time through the X so I should be higher on my pullups and my weight is down to 159.4 so I don't have as much to pullup anymore!

    Steve, you aren't alone with the balance on crunchy frogs. At least once a workout I have to fight to not fall backwards. Balance is hard on the crunchy frogs.

  4. Of all the workouts in P90X, its the Legs and Back that I feel the most the morning after...heck, even the night of! The last three weeks of L&B, I've increased reps and weight each time, and the soreness from "bringin' it" lingers for 24-36 hours.

    I'm doing Yoga X this morning (I've swapped Kenpo and Yoga X days) and I'm not looking forward to the Vinyasas with my soreness. Last week, I had to warm up before Yoga...I might have to do that again.